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Superchat alternative Chatarmin: Chatarmin is THE alternative to Superchat

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By Johannes Mansbart


Updated on January 04, 2024

WhatsApp Market Comparison

Superchat alternative Chatarmin: Chatarmin is THE alternative to Superchat

In this blog post you will get:

  • background information about Superchat
  • a market overview of every relevant alternative to Superchat
  • Superchat alternatives and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Pros and cons of Superchat
  • Superchat prices and features

to help you find your ideal WhatsApp Marketing Tool. Because one thing is certain: while Superchat is a renowned multi-messenger provider for small and medium-sized companies, the tool quickly reaches its limits for CRM experts and digital industries.

Superchat alternative Chatarmin is more "verticalized" and natively integrates more flexibly with your individual tech stack. This issue is also the biggest weakness of Superchat and the "need" on the market for a Superchat alternative.

Because Superchat wants to be everything for everyone, and is therefore not really the best specified solution for anything.

Mika Hally and Yilmaz Köknar founded Superchat in 2020, Chatarmin is the more flexible Superchat alternative

Superchat founders Mika Hally and Yilmaz Köknar founded Superchat in 2020, Chatarmin is THE Superchat alternative and still quite young, having been founded in 2022. Source: Superchat, 2024

Superchat founders Mika Hally & Yilmaz Köknar, Source: Superchat_

About Superchat: German multi-messenger provider for SMEs

Superchat was founded in 2020 by Mika Hally and Yilmaz Köknar and has since acquired over 2,500 customers and raised over $19 million from investors to build and grow the company.

Superchat serves over 40 industries, including everything from doctors to car dealerships to travel agencies. This makes Superchat a fast-growing start-up. At the same time, it is such a generalized solution that there is hardly any room for custom integrations and niche cases for your individual needs. Here you can see the comparison with Chatarmin, the number one alternative to Superchat:

Year founded20202022
Company headquartersBerlinVienna
Number of employees673
Investment amount€18million+€0million

That's why you need alternatives to Superchat:

  • no "custom integrations" for your software infrastructure
  • No flexibility in product development
  • Large startup with a "corporate feel"
  • Solution for everyone, and therefore for no one
  • "Plug & play software off the shelf", instead of specializing in one industry
  • Only one number as a customer
  • No focus on WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing

Superchat alternative Chatarmin has eCommerce as an industry and integrates easily with your tech stack such as Shopify, Klaviyo, Shopware, Emarsys, zendesk, Gorgias and Co.

Digital industries and eCommerce need the Superchat alternative Chatarmin

Superchat is a solid and modern multi-messenger tool, but it has limited integration options with your software landscape and a high price tag. A more verticalized Superchat alternative is needed for world-class CRM and WhatsApp marketing. Source: Superchat, 2024

Price overview alternative to Superchat: Pricing Superchat vs Chatarmin

Superchat is considered a low-cost solution, but at second glance you'll find a lot of upside potential that scales quickly as you scale your WhatsApp marketing activities:

Min. monthly costs€89.00+€82.00+
additional costs/conversation10%?€0,00
WhatsApp campaigns€59.00+€0.00
Employee training€199.00€0.00
Custom Chatbot€59.00€0.00

Monthly savings of approx. €320.00 from the first month with our alternative to Superchat, and that's even without sending WhatsApp campaigns!

Philosophically speaking, we are already encountering contradictions with regard to the lack of transparency of Superchat's prices, as the additional costs to the official WhatsApp costs are not communicated transparently. This will inevitably lead to annoyance on the part of customers. We also have this situation with the Superchat competitor "ChatWerk".

Therefore, we prefer a superchat alternative that is inherently more transparent and fair, ensuring maximum flexibility with full transparency. You should definitely bear this in mind when looking for an alternative to Superchat. Otherwise, you're in for a rude awakening.

Here you can find a sample invoice from Chatarmin and Superchat:

Monthly cost example for Superchat alternative, scenario 1: 10,000 active German leads, two WhatsApp marketing campaigns per month. Excluding variable META costs

Monthly fixed costs€402,00+€82,00+
Additional costs per conversation€226.20+€0.00
Additional costs per contact€00.00€150.00
Total monthly costs | €828.20 | €232.00

Estimate based on the official Superchat prices according to the website, early 2024

It can be seen that even with a "small case" of 10,000 active German leads and two monthly WhatsApp marketing campaigns, Superchat costs around €600.00 more than the Superchat alternative Chatarmin.

This difference is mainly due to the surcharges on the costs of the WhatsApp business platform that Superchat charges its customers. Chatarmin - as the world's only WhatsApp marketing tool alternative to Superchat - does not do this.

Here you can find an overview of Superchat pricing. Admittedly, it's a lot more complicated than that, but it gives you a rough overview:

Superchat alternative Chatarmin is cheaper and more flexible as well as more system-integrative.

Here you can find an overview of Superchat pricing, Superchat alternative Chatarmin is more transparent and cheaper, source: Superchat, 2024

Overview of functions: Alternative to Superchat

In addition to the prices, you will certainly also be interested in the functions of Superchat and any alternative to Superchat.

Here you can see the comparison between Superchat and Chatarmin, the number one Superchat alternative:

Min. monthly costs€89.00+€82.00+
Additional costs/conversation10%+€0.00
WhatsApp Flowbuilder included
Custom WhatsApp Automations included
Shared Slack Connect Channel
WhatsApp revenue participation costs€?
Costs/additional support agents€5.00
Modern and user-friendly UI/UX
Shopify Integration
Shopware Integration
Klaviyo integration
Flexible contract terms
No notice period
Flexible system integrations

Problem with software that is too general: Your needs

As a marketing or support lead, you might be thinking: Well, it doesn't look too bad. The problem is this: Think about where your customer support and marketing team is currently working. With Shopify? Klaviyo? Emarsys? zendesk? Gorgias? Slack? Now, imagine there is no data transfer between the software you use. You now have a non-transparent data silo that does not communicate with the other structures of your organization. The consequences are as follows

  • no documentation in the CRM
  • No interaction between marketing and support
  • No transparency in data analysis
  • No cohort analysis
  • no CLTV analysis
  • no cross-channel segmentation options in support and marketing

And that's just a few. Coupled with WhatsApp's cost structure, which requires segmentation and "smart WhatsApp Spent", you have an issue here that can become a growth or profitability bottleneck when scaling your business.

So please consider the system integrity and flexibility of the software you use for your support, sales and marketing purposes.

Alternative to Superchat in the "OMR Reviews" comparison: Chatarmin is the best Superchat alternative

Here you can find the OMR Reviews comparison between Superchat and the Superchat alternative Chatarmin. Admittedly, it is a high-level competition, and due to the different customer segments and needs, it is not a direct competition. Nevertheless, this overview of customer reviews can help you:

OMR CriterionSuperchatChatarmin
User friendliness9.509.60
Customer support9.3010.00
Fulfillment of requirements9.209.70
Simple setup9.309.30
Overall score9.209.8

As of: Spring 2024, source: OMR Reviews

Here you will find two critical customer testimonials from Superchat so that you know what to look out for when searching for your Superchat alternative:

Superchat customer "Danny" says when looking for an alternative to Superchat:

Superchat is "very buggy" at times. Attachments are sometimes not recognized correctly or you have to download each PDF first to open it. The file preview also only works 50% of the time. There is no possibility to mention other users in the team chat - Danny, Radboten GmbH

Superchat customer "Maximilian" says the following while looking for a Superchat alternative:

Often technical errors, high costs for conversations, software and number connection - Maximilian, Allianz Maximilian Schulz

Bonus: Superchat alternatives at a glance: All WhatsApp marketing tools in one table

We also provide you with a reliable overview of every Superchat alternative in the WhatsApp marketing tool market overview, so that you have a global overview and save yourself the strenuous work:

PlatformPrice/MonthSurcharge/ConversationAPISupport CaseMarketing CaseMulti-Messenger€82,00+
Sinch Engage€199.00+

Source: Chatarmin

Conclusion Alternative to Superchat: Chatarmin is THE Superchat alternative for you

We hope that this blog post has given you a great overview of THE alternative to Superchat.

If you are looking for the right tool for your WhatsApp marketing, you should have Chatarmin on your radar as a Superchat alternative:

  • Favorable, transparent pricing
  • Flexible and short-term contract terms
  • Individual integrations of your tech stack
  • Integration with your support and marketing software
  • Flows and automations with your segmentation

We look forward to a first meeting with you!.

Your Chatarmin team.

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