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Through Chatarmins WhatsApp Link Generator, you can easily link your WhatsApp Account and let your customers start chatting with you. You can create and use the whatsapp link, also known as link, as well as QR code easily on your website, in your store, or anywhere else you want to draw attention to your WhatsApp channel through a WhatsApp chatstart CTA.

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Generate a '' link with a pre-made text that will automatically load in WhatsApp as soon as someone clicks on the link or scans the QR code.

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Use the WhatsApp Link Generator to boost your business.

Are you aware that boosting customer retention by a mere 5% could lead to a profit surge of up to 25%? Additionally, 75% of consumers prefer to make purchases from brands they can text instead of call. This is why WhatsApp chat links and chatstart QR codes are highly sought after.

Through Chatarmin's Chatstart Link Generator, you can now easily create your WhatsApp chat-in links and direct WhatsApp QR Code to start generating WhatsApp leads and let your customers engage in the world's most popular Messenger App.

How to create a link for your business

Before you can reach similar numbers, however, you need to create your WhatsApp click-to-chat link or QR code. How do you do this? Fortunately, that is the easiest part of the entire process and accomplished in two quick steps.

Step 1: Create WhatsApp chatstart link with your phone number

The beauty of, direct whatsapp, links, as they’re sometimes called, is their easy setup. Simply add your number with your country code at the end of one of these links:


Be sure to leave out the “+” or “00” at the beginning of your country code. So if your number starts with +49170, the link would start like this:, followed by the rest of your number.

Technically you’re done after this step. Everything your customers need to enter your inbox is your number, which they now have!

Step 2: Add a pre-written message to your WhatsApp link (optional)

If you want to make the experience extra special for your customers, as we at Chatarmin recommend you do, there is a second step: Adding a pre-written message that will appear on your customer’s side of the conversation upon clicking on your WhatsApp direct chatstart link.

  • Less effort for the potential customer: Typing out a question can be what prevents a prospect from reaching out and makes them abandon their cart. The less hassle, the better.
  • Feeling appreciated: What’s more, if you add a well-crafted message to your link that goes beyond ‘Hello’, the customer will recognize that you considered their needs and feel appreciated.
  • Clarity for your team: It’s not just the customer who benefits. Let’s say you provide a message that’s tailored to a specific product page. When customers send it with a simple click on the direct WhatsApp link you generated through our WhatsApp Link Generator, your service team will know exactly which product they refer to.

How do you add a pre-written message to your WhatsApp chat-in link or QR code? That depends on how long your message should be. Here’s how:

Single sentence:

  • Take the link with your company phone number
  • add ‘?text=’ after your number without spaces,
  • type the text you want to add
  • while using ‘%20’ to indicate a space

This is what a link might look like,with XX as placeholders for your number:!

Multiple sentences:

  • Take the link with your company phone number
  • add ‘?text=’ after your number without spaces,
  • type the text you want to add
  • while using ‘%20’ to indicate a space
  • and end each sentence with ‘0A’.

If you want to send, for example,“Hi there! Tell me more about this product?”, your link would look like this:!%20Tell%20me%20more%20about%20this%20product?

WhatsApp Link Generator Best Practices:

As easy as creating a WhatsApp chat-in link or QR code is, the real art is embedding it where it benefits your business most. You have several options that, depending on your intent, will suit your link best:

  • Popups on your website
  • Chat-ins on product pages
  • Thank you pages
  • QR codes on flyers sent out with your product
  • Social Media
  • Email

If your aim goes beyond providing a low-threshold way for customers to pose their questions and engage with you, you can catch their attention – and capture their contact information – by offering them an incentive like a discount or early access to an upcoming sale. Adapting the principle of a lead generator from email marketing also works for WhatsApp newsletters. Feel free to make use of our WhatsApp number link generator, and feel free to generate your WhatsApp Chatstart Links now through Chatarmin. If you feel like learning more about it, or start scaling your audience, book your WhatsApp consulting below:

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