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With chatarmin.com, brands can easily connect with their customers through WhatsApp Business and engage in real-time conversations that boost customer satisfaction and increase sales.

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Send out WhatsApp newsletters and build chatbot automations through WhatsApp


Support your customers in real-time. Send instant checkout links and direct CTAs.


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Chatarmin integrates with any API

Improve workflows and get more done with native integrations. Our WhatsApp Marketing Tool integrates with anything.

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Questions? Answers.

Why should I choose your Software for WhatsApp Marketing?

Chatarmin is driven by our mission to enable companies worldwide to communicate more efficiently, drive more revenue, and rake in more profits. We are working day and night with our tiny and driven team, to establish the best WhatsApp Marketing Tool in the world. We are in contact with our key account clients 24/7, delivering upon their needs, to the highest standards in the world. We will not stop our relentless grind of establishing and delivering the best WhatsApp marketing tool in the world, as long as we are here

Tools WhatsApp Marketing: What should I look for?

If you are looking for a market comparison, you will find all relevant tools for WhatsApp marketing on Chatarmin’s WhatsApp-blog. Chatarmin is one of the most affordable, fair and transparent WhatsApp marketing software. We are the only bootstrapped WhatsApp marketing tool in the world, and have made a name for ourselves in ecommerce with prominent clients such as MARC O'POLO and waterdrop®, live on complex systems, in multiple markets. Email marketing tools such as Klaviyo, Omnisend or emarsys recommend Chatarmin as the best WhatsApp marketing integration

What are the best WhatsApp Marketing Tools?

In international tool and price comparisons, Chatarmin is in the absolute top class of WhatsApp CRM in the world. And this despite the fact that we have not accepted a single cent from investors or funding agencies. Chatarmin is the best WhatsApp marketing tool in the world thanks to its integrations, hands-on support around the clock, and our hands-on approach. Here you can find our comparison of the best WhatsApp Marketing Tools. We love what we do, and this is just the beginning.

What is a WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software?

To be able to use WhatsApp as a company in compliance with the GDPR, you need WhatsApp marketing software. This is connected to the so-called "WhatsApp Business Platform" from META. This is the only way for you as a company to use scalable, integrable and individually hyper-personalizable WhatsApp software and thus operate professional WhatsApp marketing.

How does it work exactly? I don't want a sales call.

Imagine "Klaviyo for WhatsApp". Or, "Mailchimp for WhatsApp". Or, any CRM for WhatsApp. So, we are your WhatsApp CRM. For more information, check out our "Mini WhatsApp Marketing Masterclass" here! It is a 10-min "WhatsApp course" that teaches you the absolute basics in four digestable and understandable parts.