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Omnisend WhatsApp Integration: Omnisend WhatsApp Marketing with Chatarmin

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By Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder,

Last updated at: June 13, 2024

WhatsApp Strategy

☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • Omnisend and WhatsApp Integration: Chatarmin has launched the first WhatsApp marketing tool integrated with Omnisend. This integration allows D2C brands to align their WhatsApp marketing with Omnisend email marketing efforts, enabling seamless customer engagement and boosting sales.
  • How it Works: The integration involves transferring the Omnisend API key to Chatarmin, which then syncs the Omnisend CRM efforts with WhatsApp business accounts. This enables automated WhatsApp marketing based on Omnisend email marketing events.
  • Features and Benefits: The integration supports synchronization of various Omnisend API endpoints, providing comprehensive control over data and allowing for GDPR-compliant WhatsApp marketing. This helps in re-engaging inactive community members and coordinating email and WhatsApp communication effectively.
  • Usage and Onboarding: The integration process includes creating a new journey in Omnisend, naming the API key, and setting up the webhook trigger in Chatarmin. This setup ensures that Omnisend’s robust CRM capabilities are fully utilized for WhatsApp marketing, enhancing overall eCommerce marketing strategies.

We want to enable the 100,000+ global D2C eCommerce brands using the Omnisend eCommerce marketing platform to connect seamlessly with the world's most downloaded app and most used messenger.

Omnisend offers a comprehensive eCommerce CRM that you can now integrate with WhatsApp via Chatarmin.

D2C companies like german fashion brand olakala scale to over €10.000.000,00 in annual revenue, pairing their retention marketing efforts between Omnisend and Chatarmin.

Chatarmin is the only Omnisend-WhatsApp-Integration worldwide and officially listed as Omnisend tech-partner in Omnisend's App-marketplace.

"Chatarmin is the only globally relevant Omnisend WhatsApp integration" - Rokas Bražinskas, Tech Partnerships Lead, Omnisend

See here, how the Chatarmin Omnisend-WhatsApp-Integration works:

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Chatarmin Omnisend WhatsApp Integration, Q1 2024, Source: Chatarmin

Omnisend D2C Brands take note: With Chatarmin's Omnisend WhatsApp integration, you can now run WhatsApp marketing that is aligned with your Omnisend Email Marketing!

Find here the official Omnisend onboarding guide for Chatarmin's Omnisend-WhatsApp integration.

No more searching for an Omnisend WhatsApp integration in the Omnisend App-Marketplace.

Chatarmin provides the only globally relevant Omnisend WhatsApp integration. - Rokas Bražinskas, Tech-Partnerships Lead, Omnisend

Omnisend goes WhatsApp: The Omnisend WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin is now available! Chatarmin is the first WhatsApp marketing tool with Omnisend integration. Find out what this means and how our Omnisend WhatsApp integration works in this blog post.

Omnisend WhatsApp Marketing enabled by the Chatarmin Omnisend Integration

Chatarmin's Omnisend WhatsApp integration makes full use of the Omnisend API. Source: omnisend

Omnisend WhatsApp integration: Your eCommerce marketing platform

Boost your online and mobile sales by actively engaging with your customers wherever they are. The integrated Omnisend CRM platform, designed to capture individual customer behavior, enables marketers to make strategic decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior.

Synchronize Omnisend CRM with Chatarmin WhatsApp CRM to leverage the power of Omnisend WhatsApp:

Integrate Omnisend and WhatsApp through Chatarmin.

Omnisend is your comprehensive eCommerce CRM. Source: omnisend

Chatarmin introduces: The world's first native Omnisend WhatsApp integration Now, why should you care? Well, the thing is that there is no WhatsApp product for Omnisend users yet. The only way to use GDPR-compliant WhatsApp that automatically syncs and integrates with your Omnisend has been via buggy third-party tools.

With Chatarmin's Omnisend WhatsApp integration, this is now changing.

Discover the process of integrating Omnisend for WhatsApp using Chatarmin's "Omnisend WhatsApp Bridge".

  1. transfer your Omnisend API key to Chatarmin.
  2. navigate to the "API key" section in your Omnisend account
  3. initiate the creation of a new journey
  4. assign a name to your key that matches your naming conventions. This ensures a clear understanding of any webhook that is triggered to bridge the Omnisend WhatsApp integration.
  5. copy the generated key to your clipboard
  6. paste this Omnisend API key into Chatarmin's custom API webhook trigger.
  7. Chatarmin synchronizes your Omnisend CRM efforts with your WhatsApp business accounts.

WhatsApp marketing for the 100,000 D2C brands with Omnisend Email Tool

Omnisend eCommerce CRM now also integrates WhatsApp via Chatarmin, source: omnisend

Omnisend WhatsApp integration features: Synchronization of the Omnisend API with Chatarmin

Omnisend for WhatsApp: Harnessing the power of the Omnisend API. To maximize the potential of your Omnisend WhatsApp integration, it is crucial to take full advantage of the Omnisend API capabilities.

In this video you'll see how and why WhatsApp and Omnisend act synergistically:

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Source: Chatarmin, Q2 2024

Our system is designed to enable you to re-engage with inactive community members via WhatsApp, especially when traditional email channels are no longer delivering the desired results.

Using Omnisend Webhooks allows us to initiate WhatsApp automations based on various events in your Omnisend email marketing account. It is important to know that we have already assisted you in creating your personalized WhatsApp automations by the time you reach this stage.

All Omnisend API endpoints can be synchronized by Chatarmin to fully integrate your Omnisend with GDPR compliant WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Marketing with Omnisend by Chatarmi

Feel free to take a look at what the Omnisend API offers as endpoints for synchronization with Chatarmin within our Omnisend WhatsApp integration:

  • Contacts
  • Fields
  • Contact lists
  • segments
  • Contact sources
  • Forms
  • Media database
  • Conditional text rules
  • Followed links
  • Sections
  • Events
  • External content
  • Programs
  • Contact and data
  • Relational data
  • Accounts
  • Keys

We can synchronize all this data between Omnisend and your Chatarmin WhatsApp CRM. This gives you complete control over your data, lets you keep Omnisend as the "source of truth" for your eCommerce retention marketing and at the same time allows you to synchronize your email and WhatsApp communication with your audience.

Omnisend for WhatsApp meets WhatsApp for Omnisend!

We hope we've given you a clear understanding of how the integration of Omnisend and WhatsApp via Chatarmin works. We are happy to have you on Team Armin! In the future, you will be able to seamlessly integrate Omnisend with WhatsApp via our platform.

Chatarmin's Omnisend WhatsApp integration is the first global WhatsApp Omnisend integration.

Chatarmin offers the world's first Omnisend WhatsApp integration for global eCommerce businesses running on Omnisend. Source: omnisend

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