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Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration: Your 5 Minute Chatarmin Step-by-Step Guide

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By Johannes Mansbart


Updated on November 14, 2023

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Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration: Your 5 Minute Chatarmin Step-by-Step Guide

As a D2C brand using Shopify, you of course have Klaviyo as your email CRM. The two are a well-oiled team, Chatarmin clients like waterdrop® scale to over €100,000,000.00 in annual revenue with this very MarTech stack. Along the way, you'll be looking for a communication channel that makes you less dependent on email for customer acquisition and contacting existing customers. WhatsApp is ideal for this. In the overview of the Klaviyo WhatsApp integrations, your ideal Klaviyo WhatsApp integration is not recognizable at first glance. In this blog, we explain in a simple 5-step guide what your perfect Klaviyo WhatsApp integration looks like.

Chatarmin ist DIE Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration

Chatarmin-Client-Screenshot: This is what your Chatarmin Dashboard will look like after integration Klaviyo with WhatsApp through Chatarmin

Chatarmin is dubbed as the "most robust WhatsApp integration" by the Klaviyo Partnerships team. D2C Brands with Shopify shop systems receive recommendations on a daily basis to use Chatarmin for their WhatsApp marketing. The Klaviyo team and the Chatarmin team are constantly working on intensifying this partnership. The first joint webinars and presentations have already been held and successfully completed.

Given the integration you've built being the most robust, I'd love to collaborate with Chatarmin." - Ellie Abbott, Strategic Partnerships Manager (Technology Platforms), Klaviyo

Here is the process and end result you will be introduced to shortly:

See how easy it is to get your Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration by Chatarmin

Here is how to connect Chatarmin with Klaviyo, so you get the best Klaviyo WhatsApp integration for your D2C eCommerce brand.

  1. log in to your Klaviyo account.

  2. select "Account" in the top right menu under your account name.

Find your Klaviyo API Key

  1. click on 'Settings' > API KEY'.

Find your Klaviyo API Key

  1. then click on 'Create Private API Key'.

  2. give your private API key a name, select 'Full Access Key' and then click 'Create'. Note that you need to create the full access key to give Chatarmin the necessary admin rights.

Name your Klaviyo API Key and give full access rights.

Done! This is how easy it is to finish your Klaviyo WhatsApp integration with Chatarmin.

The tips and instructions in this blog post require you to be a Chatarmin customer. If you are not yet, book your monthly package here for €199,00 or book your 25-minute sparring call with me, Johannes Mansbart, founder of, here:

Bonus - Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration: Turn your cold leads into Klaviyo WhatsApp leads.

The biggest danger with WhatsApp marketing for Shopify stores with Klaviyo CRM is cannibalizing email with WhatsApp. Due to the cost of WhatsApp Business API, you sell your products via email to all possible customers first and only then send out (hyper) personalized and highly segmented WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

In a perfect world, this is your retention marketing setup. Here's how you achieve this, by converting a cold lead into a "Klaviyo-enriched WhatsApp lead":

Once you generate a "WhatsApp Lead" via "Mobile Popup", WhatsApp Ads or offline promotion, you still have the problem that you don't know who they are and if they have been a customer of yours before.

Chatarmin customer Klosterkitchen achieves 50% better performance through WhatsApp lead gen than via email form, mobile traffic only.

Source: Chatarmin customer

Then you receive your WhatsApp lead easily through a welcome flow you built with Chatarmin Flowbuilder. Through the Chatarmin Klaviyo WhatsApp integration, you can also create leads in Klaviyo from the first touchpoint, even though at this point you only have the WhatsApp username and mobile number - but not the email address of the WhatsApp lead.

Step-by-step Guide how to enrich a cold lead with klaviyo activity through Chatarmin

This is what your Klaviyo-enriched WhatsApp Welcome Buzzword Flow looks like, source:

ATTENTION: This is what happens to your WhatsApp leads in Klaviyo if you don't have your Klaviyo SMS feature enabled.

Only if you follow this, you can create your "cold WhatsApp lead" in Klaviyo without an email address:

The ability to sync "cold leads" in Klaviyo contacts only exists if you enable the SMS feature for your Klaviyo account. This is not about using SMS, but only about activating the function.

Since SMS is not supported by Klaviyo in the DACH region, we currently recommend, after consultation with the Klaviyo team, to simply select e.g. UK, and then fill out the rest of the form.

If SMS is activated, we can ONLY use the phone number as "identifier" in Klaviyo (in case we are missing the email). Later, the same profile will be enriched by e.g. Shopify or Shopware instead of creating a new one. This way your customer data always stays up to date, you don't create "duplicate leads" and you have 100% data synchronization in Chatarmin, Shopfiy and Klaviyo, which for our Chatarmin customers with Klaviyo Email CRM is mostly "100% Source of Truth" and "Customer Data Panel" at the same time.

You want to update every lead and not separate WhatsApp and Klaviyo leads

This is what happens to a cold lead if you don't have the SMS feature enabled in Klaviyo. Source:

Bonus - Segment your Email and WhatsApp Leads in your Chatarmin Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration

In a perfect world of email & WhatsApp retention marketing mix, you convert all your customers via email first. And then convert the rest of your clientele via WhatsApp. This logic is based on the paid nature of the WhatsApp Business API, which we discuss in more detail elsewhere in this blog post and in other articles on our Chatarmin blog.

Now, to enable the "perfect email & WhatsApp retention marketing mix" with Chatarmin Klaviyo WhatsApp integration, ideally, you do these two things:

Trigger flows through Klaviyo flow webhooks or Klaviyo events.

You can choose from different "Flow Triggers" when creating your Chatarmin Flows. One of them is "Custom API Endpoints", so you can copy&paste your Klaviyo In-Flow Webhooks into it.

Trigger your Chatarmin Flow via Custom API Endpoint

Choose "API Endpoint" as trigger to start a flow, source:

The second solution is to trigger the flow through your standard and custom Klaviyo events.

Trigger Chatarmin WhatsApp Flows through Klaviyo Events

Choose "Klaviyo Event" as trigger to start a flow, source: chatarmin.com_

Build WhatsApp segments in the Chatarmin Klaviyo WhatsApp integration: Based on your customers' Klaviyo and Shopify data.

So now you can not only enrich WhatsApp activity in Klaviyo by enriching properties, list and segments in each lead's Klaviyo profile.

No, you can even filter If/Else splits in the Chatarmin Flow Builder on Klaviyo lists, segments and properties and import Klaviyo data into the WhatsApp documentation of your Chatarmin leads.

This gives you an overview of the entire Klaviyo and Shopify history of your customers, all in Chatarmin. You can use this function in the next step in "Chatarmin segments" to set the Shopify history and the Klaviyo data of your customers as segmentation criteria.

Chatarmin offers segmentation based on your Klaviyo activity.

Choose from all possible Shopify and Klaviyo criteria in the Chatarmin segmentation feature to create your perfect segments for the flowbuilder and campaigns. Source:

Conclusion: This is why Chatarmin is the best Klaviyo WhatsApp integration

Email remains your number one retention marketing channel. Klaviyo remains your "CDP" and 100% CRM Source of Truth.

BUT through Chatarmin you have the possibility to collect ALL - also historical - collected Klaviyo and Shopify data of your customers also in Chatarmin, and vice-versa.

This makes your retention marketing mix 100% measurable, transparent, and traceable. Analyse Email-only, Email&WhatsApp, and WhatsApp-only cohorts in your Klaviyo Analytics and identify the incremental value of WhatsApp as a marketing channel for your Shopify D2C Brand with Klaviyo Email CRM.

Capture all the data in your perfect D2C eCommerce MarTech stack; Shopify, Klaviyo and Chatarmin.

Book your free 25-minute "Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration Consultancy" with me, Johannes Mansbart, founder of here:

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