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Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration: Your 5 Minute Chatarmin Step-by-Step Guide

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By Johannes Mansbart


Last updated at: May 28, 2024

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Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration: Your 5 Minute Chatarmin Step-by-Step Guide

As a D2C brand using Shopify, you of course have Klaviyo as your email CRM. The two are a well-oiled team, Chatarmin clients like waterdrop® scale to over €100,000,000.00 in annual revenue with this very MarTech stack. Along the way, you'll be looking for a communication channel that makes you less dependent on email for customer acquisition and contacting existing customers. WhatsApp is ideal for this. In the overview of the Klaviyo WhatsApp integrations, your ideal Klaviyo WhatsApp integration is not recognizable at first glance. In this blog, we explain in a simple 5-step guide what your perfect Klaviyo WhatsApp integration looks like.

Chatarmin ist DIE Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration

Chatarmin-Client-Screenshot: This is what your Chatarmin Dashboard will look like after integration Klaviyo with WhatsApp through Chatarmin

Chatarmin is dubbed as the "most robust WhatsApp integration" by the Klaviyo Partnerships team. D2C Brands with Shopify shop systems receive recommendations on a daily basis to use Chatarmin for their WhatsApp marketing. The Klaviyo team and the Chatarmin team are constantly working on intensifying this partnership. The first joint webinars and presentations have already been held and successfully completed.

Given the integration you've built being the most robust, I'd love to collaborate with Chatarmin." - Ellie Abbott, Strategic Partnerships Manager (Technology Platforms), Klaviyo

In this video, you get an in-depth walkthrough around our Chatarmin Klaviyo WhatsApp integration:

Here is the process and end result you will be introduced to shortly:

See how easy it is to get your Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration by Chatarmin

Here is how to connect Chatarmin with Klaviyo, so you get the best Klaviyo WhatsApp integration for your D2C eCommerce brand.

  1. log in to your Klaviyo account.

  2. select "Account" in the top right menu under your account name.

Find your Klaviyo API Key

  1. click on 'Settings' > API KEY'.

Find your Klaviyo API Key

  1. then click on 'Create Private API Key'.

  2. give your private API key a name, select 'Full Access Key' and then click 'Create'. Note that you need to create the full access key to give Chatarmin the necessary admin rights.

Name your Klaviyo API Key and give full access rights.

Done! This is how easy it is to finish your Klaviyo WhatsApp integration with Chatarmin.

The tips and instructions in this blog post require you to be a Chatarmin customer. If you are not yet, book your monthly package here for €199,00 or book your 25-minute sparring call with me, Johannes Mansbart, founder of, here:

Bonus - Klaviyo WhatsApp Integration: Turn your cold leads into Klaviyo WhatsApp leads.

The biggest danger with WhatsApp marketing for Shopify stores with Klaviyo CRM is cannibalizing email with WhatsApp. Due to the cost of WhatsApp Business API, you sell your products via email to all possible customers first and only then send out (hyper) personalized and highly segmented WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

In a perfect world, this is your retention marketing setup. Here's how you achieve this, by converting a cold lead into a "Klaviyo-enriched WhatsApp lead".

In this video I explain how a basic eCommerce WhatsApp marketing setup integrated with Chatarmin's Shopify WhatsApp integration looks like:

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