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HubSpot WhatsApp: Chatarmin WhatsApp HubSpot Integration

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By Johannes Mansbart


Last updated at: May 24, 2024

WhatsApp Strategy

HubSpot WhatsApp integration: Link HubSpot with WhatsApp

In sales, email remains the primary communication channel. But who doesn't know the feeling? You send a lead your pitch deck and then hear nothing back. After a discovery call, you send a follow-up email only to receive no response.

You send your proposal after a verbal agreement, but never hear back. The lead lets you down. The deal was never really a deal. You can minimize or even avoid these situations in the future with Chatarmin's HubSpot-WhatsApp integration.

Introducing: The world's first HubSpot WhatsApp integration. For HubSpot Sales Cloud teams:

Chatarmin is the first WA marketing tool with native HubSpot WhatsApp integration.

Source: HubSpot, Q1 2024

The problem in sales is not that there are no effective processes or CRM solutions. Sales problems result from the inefficiency, ineffectiveness and slowness of the communication channels used. Emails are not opened and only answered late.

This is where WhatsApp comes into play, where the HubSpot-WhatsApp integration creates profitability and efficiency in the sales process. As well as the opportunity to leverage the communication channel that we all use every day in a structured, scalable and GDPR-compliant way: WhatsApp.

Chatarmin proudly introduces the world's first WhatsApp HubSpot integration, enabling full WhatsApp integration into your sales processes. Let's make sure together that

  • Leads respond promptly
  • No-shows are avoided
  • your offers are seen, read and clicked on and
  • your sales process becomes more efficient and effective

...which leads to higher sales for your business through Chatarmin's HubSpot WhatsApp integration.

This is what your HubSpot dashboard looks like, seamlessly integrated with Chatarmin's HubSpot WhatsApp integration:

HubSpot WhatsApp by Chatarmin, the #1 WhatsApp Marketing Software in the world.

Source: HubSpot, Q1 2024

In this blog post, we'll guide you through communicating with your (potential) customers via scalable and GDPR-compliant WhatsApp communication.

We will ensure that HubSpot remains the "source of truth" for your organization.

  • "Source of truth"
  • "Customer Data Panel" and
  • sales CRM

remains. And completely without data loss, as Chatamine's HubSpot WhatsApp integration ensures both the mutual

  • lead enrichment, as well as
  • lead synchronization and
  • trigger events

between HubSpot, email and WhatsApp.

Market comparison: Chatarmin offers the only WhatsApp-HubSpot integration worldwide

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp marketing tool in the world with a full WhatsApp HubSpot integration. The use cases are:

  • Lead and deal synchronization
  • Documentation and attribution of sales events and touchpoints
  • Traceable and analyzable customer communication via WhatsApp
  • Possibility of decentralized equipment of your sales team with WhatsApp

HubSpot-WhatsApp-Integration by Chatarmin WhatsApp CRM.

Source: HubSpot, Q1 2024_

This allows you to achieve

  • faster touchpoints with leads and deals
  • Faster sales cycles
  • 100% tracking of the sales events of your sales team
  • Centralized analytics and evaluation of your sales pipeline
  • WhatsApp as a scalable and GDPR-compliant sales communication channel for your team

"Chatarmin is the first WhatsApp software with a native HubSpot-WhatsApp integration. Our customers love the system. Also because it is still so unknown."_ - Chris John Schmidt, HubSpot Account Executive

Alternative WhatsApp marketing software cannot offer native WhatsApp-HubSpot integration. Unfortunately, "zapier setups" are very error-prone and do not provide a robust and scalable tech infrastructure for your business. The options are extremely limited.

Chatarmin's customers choose the HubSpot-WhatsApp integration for three main reasons:

  • Clear and simple solution to a relevant problem
  • Likeability and trust in our team of WhatsApp experts
  • Fair price and predictable budget

This integration ensures 100% synchronization of your sales activities with HubSpot as your sales CRM.

This is the cost of Chatarmin's WhatsApp-HubSpot integration:

Cost: Pricing of Chatarmin's WhatsApp HubSpot integration

Chatarmin's WhatsApp HubSpot integration is included in the Chatarmin "Smarter" package. The costs for our HubSpot-WhatsApp integration are:

  • €1,500.00 one-time setup fee
  • €199.00 monthly fixed fee
  • €20.00/1,000 optins/month
  • excluding variable WhatsApp costs

Here you can create your own WhatsApp financial plan to calculate your budget:

Kalkuliere deinen WhatsApp-Business-Case mit Chatarmin WhatsApp Marketing Tool.

Source: Chatarmin, Q1 2024

Use cases of the Chatarmin HubSpot WhatsApp integration

HubSpot is typically used to

  • Create, synchronize or import leads in the database
  • Target leads and convert them into deals as soon as potential customer interest is signaled
  • Advance deals in the sales funnel
  • Close deals ("won") or lose deals ("lost")

Common communication channels are email, SMS and phone calls as well as social media platforms such as LinkedIn & Co. These channels often do not offer personalization and effective data analysis and documentation.

Valuable documentation about touchpoints with leads and deals is lost if your sales team doesn't rigorously document them manually, which usually just doesn't happen without Chatarmin's WhatsApp-HubSpot integration.

This dilutes and distorts touchpoint and sales cycle analytics. You are working with granular and inaccurate data on a daily basis.

Although WhatsApp is already used in sales in many cases, non-compliance with GDPR regulations can lead to fines for companies. Back in spring 2023, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on fines imposed on Deutsche Bank:

Avoid hefty fines with Chatarmin's WhatsApp Salesforce integration

Due to the widespread use of WhatsApp communication through non-GDPR-compliant WhatsApp solutions ("Private" and "Business") within and outside of company structures, Deutsche Bank will have to pay fines in the millions in 2022.

Thanks to Chatarmin's HubSpot-WhatsApp integration, this is a thing of the past and you don't have this risk. Chatarmin's WhatsApp HubSpot integration provides a scalable solution that ensures compliance.

HubSpot-WhatsApp-Integration by Chatarmin WhatsApp-Marketing-Tool.

Source: HubSpot Sales Cloud, Q1 2024

Do it smarter than Deutsche Bank. Don't be Deutsche Bank. Keep your data, control and organize it. Handle it at a trustworthy scale. Use WhatsApp in a scalable and GDPR-compliant way with our HubSpot-WhatsApp integration.

"WhatsApp has been underutilized in sales due to compliance issues. We solve this problem by enabling companies to strengthen their sales via WhatsApp without losing valuable information, customer databases, data, transparency and documentation options in structured sales." - Johannes Mansbart, founder of Chatarmin

Synchronize your HubSpot lead database with WhatsApp

Are you familiar with the problem of dealing with unsynchronized notes, tables and lists from Excel or Word without synchronizing them with your CRM? This leads to chaos not only for sales employees, but also for supervisors and team leaders. Our WhatsApp-CRM solves these problems in sales.

Every sales funnel has the same basic structure:

  • A lead is created (via CSV import, synchronization or manual creation)
  • The lead becomes a deal
  • The funnel is divided into different deal stages such as "discovery", "demo", "offer", "won" or "lost"

The goal is to ensure that this deal status is always discreetly synchronized between HubSpot and other communication channels

Chatarmin Salesforce WhatsApp integration for brilliant execution of your sales funnel.

AIDA pyramid to illustrate a sales funnel. WhatsApp Hubspot integration from Chatarmin.

The whole thing clearly functions according to the "AIDA" principle and does not differ greatly between assembly line structure sales with small ticket sizes and corporate sales with multi-year sales cycles and 6-figure ACVs.

TIP: Here's how you can easily customize the "deal status" of your deals on your phone (or through custom WhatsApp automations) in Chatarmin's WhatsApp HubSpot integration:

WhatsApp HubSpot: Synchronize your sales team's WhatsApp communication with your HubSpot database

If you want to introduce WhatsApp across the board as a scalable and GDPR-compliant communication channel in your sales organization, you don't just want deal stages and activities like:

  • Discovery calls
  • Cold outbound email
  • demos
  • offers
  • contract conclusions

synchronize between WhatsApp and HubSpot, but also perform documentation and analytics.

The goal is to not only synchronize manual workflows such as:

  • Updating the deal status
  • Adding participants to the lead or deal
  • Enriching WhatsApp actions in the lead or deal

between Chatarmin and our HubSpot WhatsApp integration, but also to synchronize automated workflows such as

  • Sending offers
  • The acceptance of offers
  • Mass mailing campaigns with other HubSpot integrations and apps
  • Other webhooks from the HubSpot API

to enable seamless communication between Chatarmin and HubSpot to synchronize your WhatsApp communication in sales.

And the best is, you can also decentralize your WhatsApp-Marketing and have your sales-accounts scale their personal support for their dedicated, decentralized, clients. Either right out of Chatarmin WhatsApp-Marketing-Tool, or HubSpot directly.

BONUS: GDPR compliance of Chatarmin's WhatsApp-HubSpot integration

Chatarmin offers companies the opportunity to use GDPR-compliant WhatsApp.

Businesses using WhatsApp need to ensure they are GDPR compliant to protect their customers' personal data. Whether you use the WhatsApp Business app or the WhatsApp Business Platform (formerly: API), you should ensure that you obtain appropriate consent, handle data responsibly and provide easy ways to opt-out.

It is important that companies understand their obligations under the GDPR and work to maintain compliance on WhatsApp.

By doing so, you can build trust with your customers, protect their personal data and uphold privacy principles in the digital age.

But remember, this article provides insights into GDPR compliance on WhatsApp, but is not a substitute for legal advice. For full information on your legal obligations under the GDPR, you should consult the official GDPR website of the European Commission.

Here you can find out more about GDPR-compliant WhatsApp use as a company.

You are welcome to consult with our WhatsApp experts about our HubSpot WhatsApp integration for the HubSpot Sales Cloud:

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