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By Johannes Mansbart


Updated on March 28, 2024

WhatsApp Strategy

Shopware WhatsApp integration: WhatsApp marketing for Shopware online stores

WhatsApp marketing is on everyone's lips and is now used by most online stores with annual sales in the 7 or 8-digit range. However, WhatsApp marketing is not the only area where WhatsApp is used in ecommerce. WhatsApp sales and WhatsApp support are now also playing a key role in online retail.

In this article, we'll tell you how you as a D2C brand can leverage and use WhatsApp as a communication channel with your end customers using Shopware 5 or Shopware 6 as your store system.

With the Shopware WhatsApp integration, you can use WhatsApp to

  • automatically retarget abandoned shopping carts
  • send automated shipping updates to your customers
  • send segmented WhatsApp campaigns to the right customer cohorts
  • Analyze sales and reliably identify the incremental value of WhatsApp as a marketing channel
  • marketing channel reliably
  • and much more

Chatarmin is the first WhatsApp marketing tool with Shopware integration, which we will now examine in detail in this article.

"We made over €10,000.00 in sales with the first campaign. And we didn't advertise this campaign anywhere else. That was a big surprise for us. Thanks to you for the quick implementation and the clean setup. 🤝"_ - Chatarmin customer, 8fig D2C-Brand, Shopware & Klaviyo Techstack

Shopware WhatsApp Integration by Chatarmin.

Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 Chatarmin integration. Source: Chatarmin

Disclaimer: WhatsApp for D2C brands only makes sense if there is sufficient capacity and funding to operate and grow the channel. Otherwise, the project is doomed to failure from the outset. We therefore recommend critical internal strategy clarity and the necessary "nurturing" of WhatsApp as a marketing channel in order to launch a second retention marketing channel (in addition to email), or to offer WhatsApp in support. Even if your main sales are in retail, wholesale or via Amazon or other marketplaces, the question arises as to whether you have enough resources for your Shopware-WhatsApp integration. It's less about sales and more about Kappa. We will be happy to tell you and explain whether your brand is "ready for WhatsApp" in a personal conversation with our team:

Learn more about WhatsApp marketing in this video:

WhatsApp marketing always makes sense for "big" Shopware stores. So if you already have a whopping 7-digit or even 8-digit annual turnover, you are already leaving a lot of retention revenue ("recurring revenue") behind.

"Chatarmin is the right solution for a D2C brand with a shopware tech stack" - Johannes Mansbart, Chatarmin founder

Abandoned checkout retargeting via WhatsApp

Recovered shopping baskets are an efficient lever for regaining "lost sales". In most cases, email automation is used for this purpose, which records the user's email address and the "bounce" of their "user journey" in the checkout. Your customer often places goods in the shopping cart and then forgets about them or does not complete the purchase. This can happen for various reasons:

  • Payment does not work
  • Desired payment method is not available
  • Internet problems
  • Distraction during purchase
  • Curiosity of the customer who does not want to buy at all
  • much more

An email is then usually sent - with a delay of 5-15 minutes. In this email, the customer is informed that their shopping cart has been canceled. Often, several emails are stored in an automated system at certain intervals. Most online stores work with incentives such as discount codes or free goodies.

However, as abandoned checkout email automation often only has open rates of 50-90%, this is not the most efficient vehicle for winning back customers. We therefore recommend inserting a WhatsApp campaign between the first and second retargeting email.

Abandoned checkout results from Chatarmin customers usually look like this:

abandoned cart marketing via WhatsApp through Chatarmin.

Over €7.00 RPR per abandoned checkout automation with Chatarmin's Shopware-WhatsApp integration, source: Chatarmin

And delivers outstanding results as an industry standard worldwide:

Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery Metric for Email.

Results of recovered shopping carts with Chatarmin's Shopware integration. Source: Chatarmin Shopware Customer The reason why we recommend email as the "primary retention channel" even for abandoned carts is the

  • high cost of the WhatsApp Business Platform, which is the primary use of email (which is free) and the secondary use of WhatsApp (which is paid), as well as
  • the "habituation" of end customers to email as a marketing channel

However, with open rates of just under 100%, WhatsApp is recommended as a retargeting channel, as the above results show.

Bear in mind that most stores require a mandatory email entry. However, this is often negligently not the case with cell phone numbers. And this is despite the fact that even when telephone numbers are entered voluntarily (also due to browser auto-fill functions), around 20-50% of online shoppers are happy to enter their telephone number. Nowadays, end customers want to be reached by their favorite brands by phone.

And if your email and WhatsApp recovery attempts fail, here's still good news for you: You've collected leads that you can later persuade to buy via Shopware Newsletter or via WhatsApp Newsletter.

BONUS: for a more detailed explanation, you can find a video on abandoned checkout automation via Shopware-WhatsApp integration here:

Source: Chatarmin Loom

Goods dispatch updates via Shopware-WhatsApp integration

This is what the shipping information flow in the Chatarmin dashboard looks like for you:

WhatsApp shipping information flow for Thank You Page Widget, Shopify & Shopware.

This is what your "widget" looks like on your "Thank You Page" after your customer's purchase:

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp Marketing Tool to offer a Shopware Thank You Page Widget

Source: Chatarmin

This feature, which is the only WhatsApp marketing tool at Chatarmin that is "one-click" conversion rate-optimized for mobile end users, offers your end customer shipping updates via WhatsApp. This "widget" on your "Thank You Page" is responsively optimized on all end devices and offers the following advantages:

  • WhatsApp legend generation after purchase
  • Added value for the customer
  • 100% conversion rate for the WhatsApp double opt-in
  • Fewer support requests from customers ("where is my package")

In practice, the user journey with the Thank You Page widget of the Chatarmin WhatsApp Shopware integration looks like this:

First, the customer requests their updates after purchasing, and automatically sends their order number to you in return:

Shopware-WhatsApp-Integration: Goods shipping info via WhatsApp.

As soon as their parcel has been sent, they will receive an update and the live link to track the parcel:

Thank You Page Widget for Shopware Shops with WhatsApp Integration.

For a more detailed explanation, you can find a video about the shipping information on your thank you page here:

Source: Chatarmin Loom

Shopware WhatsApp Newsletter

Last but not least, you don't just want to retarget customers or collect leads using "inbound automation". No, you also want to persuade them to buy in the "outbound" via WhatsApp newsletter.

Here you can find a video on sending WhatsApp campaigns:

Source: Chatarmin Youtube

You can expect these WhatsApp Marketing KPI's from working with Chatarmin by integrating your Shopware WhatsApp integration.

We recommend an average of 2-4 WhatsApp campaigns per quarter. Depending on how important news is, how "drop" or "retention" heavy your product portfolio is, and how sales-heavy your marketing strategy is.

Thanks to Chatarmin's WhatsApp Shopware integration, you can use the following segments to send your WhatsApp newsletters efficiently:

  • Frequency of the customer's purchasing behavior
  • CLTV ("Customer Lifetime Value")
  • Last purchase of the customer
  • Product category/specific product
  • and many more

These are automated automatically and are also updated live before each campaign is sent.

This is what it looks like in Chatarmin's Shopware-WhatsApp integration:

Segmentation of your WhatsApp CRM into email & WhatsApp user cohorts.

Source: Chatarmin

**Chatarmin integrates with Shopware 5 and with Shopware 6!

We hope to have given you a good overview with this blog post about Shopware WhatsApp marketing. If you are interested in a personal meeting to discuss your strategic and financial WhatsApp potential together, feel free to book in with our team of WhatsApp specialists:

BONUS: WhatsApp support as a shopware store

Would you like to use WhatsApp not only for marketing purposes, but also for support and sales?

With Chatarmin's zendesk-, Gorgias- and Freshdesk- integrations, you can now integrate the same WhatsApp Business Account in your customer support tool that you use in Chatarmin for automations, newsletters and integrations.

You can also use Chatarmin's own "agent system" to automate ticketing and routing via Chatarmin. In fact, in a three-stage model:

  1. via ChatGPT WhatsApp Integration
  2. via static chatbot flows
  3. via human support agents with a ticketing system

Your support team can view the historical purchasing behavior of the respective chat partner at any time and thus satisfy the individual needs of your customers in the most efficient way possible.

So if you don't use any of the customer support systems mentioned above and still want to offer WhatsApp support (with a support team of several people), Chatarmin is the ideal solution.

"When D2C brands offer WhatsApp as a support channel, over 80% of support tickets are usually triggered via WhatsApp. The end-user acceptance is there. And with Chatarmin's smart and flexible solutions and integrations, these "support leads" can also be easily converted to "marketing leads". And all this without a scalability bottleneck in operations. On the contrary, with AI and chatbot solutions, up to 99% of tickets can be solved automatically." - Johannes Mansbart, Chatarmin founder

If you are interested in our Shopware-WhatsApp integration, or would like to try out WhatsApp marketing in general: Talk to us and book your personal appointment!

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