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Shopware Newsletter: THIS is the most effective Shopware Newsletter in the world

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By Johannes Mansbart


Last updated at: September 26, 2023

WhatsApp Strategy

Shopware Newsletter: THIS is the most effective Shopware Newsletter in the world

Running a D2C brand on Shopware 5 or Shopware 6? You do retention marketing in the form of email newsletters but are looking for inspiration and help to get to the next level? Look no further, because you've come to the right place. In this article, you'll read how to use Shopware newsletters to get your brand to:

  • over 90% open rates in retention marketing
  • over 30% click-through rate in direct marketing
  • over 5% conversion rate per campaign
  • an RPR of €1.50-€2.50 on average
  • a CLTV uplift of 25% to 50%
  • more leads with the same traffic
  • better enriched leads through faster conversion rates in the customer journey you. All through our Shopware newsletter, presented by Chatarmin.

The Status Quo: Shopware Newsletter Standard Setup

The usual retention marketing of D2C Brands on Shopware usually looks like this:

  • Welcome Flow: After the lead gen via popup or widget, the lead is welcomed in a welcome section via email and converted.
  • Postpurchase Flow: After the purchase, the customer receives valuable information about their purchased product, how other customers are using it, shipping information, surveys, and later tips and tricks on how to use it as well as upsell and crossseling offers
  • Abandoned Cart Flow: Usually you have activated a Shopware Abandoned Cart Flow via email marketing tool, which tries to bring shopping cart abandoners back into the purchase.
  • **If you can identify the user via IP address, cookies or leadgen opt-in, you can also try to bring them back into your shop at an earlier stage of the customer journey - such as after an abandoned browse. To persuade them to buy after all
  • **Ideally, you know the birthday of your lead or customer and make them a specific offer. Ideally, this is tailored to their user behaviour and therefore hyper-personalised. To go one step further, you can also try to find out the birthdays of their loved ones.
  • Reactivation Flow: If customers have been inactive for a certain period of time, usually 30 to 60 days for higher-moving products, you can try to "reactivate" them with a so-called "Reactivation Flow" or "Sunset Flow".
  • Product recommendations: If you know which product matches your customer's previous purchase, you can send them personal product recommendations manually or automatically. Shopware Newsletter: Usually Shopware D2C Brands send regular newsletters. This can be monthly, weekly or even more often. We are not fans of this setup, as we believe that content and campaign should determine the frequency of the mailings, and not the other way around.

inxmail Email Marketing KPI's and Benchmarks for Shopware Newsletter

Email Marketing Statistics and KPI's from the Shopware Newsletter Plugin "inxmail"_

We have now given you an overview of the standard email marketing setup of common Shopware newsletters. These are the weaknesses here:

Dependence on email as a Shopware newsletter channel: If you depend on only one "retention marketing channel", you will lose the customer whenever they stop opening their emails. Especially as you may have inbox delivery problems or parts of your target group do not or no longer open their emails. Shopware newsletter open rate problems with email: B2C and B2B email open rates average between 15 and 20%. This means that you are not reaching up to 85% of your target audience via email. This is a problem. You're losing a lot of sales because of it. Young and old don't use email: Many young people, like your older target group, don't use email at all. So if your retention marketing is dependent on this channel, you will prevent additional sales through follow-up purchases from young and old through Shopware newsletters.

Postpurchase Automation through the Shopware Newsletter Plugin Cleverreach

Shopware Newsletter Automation by Cleverreach

Better lead gen and lead conversion for more Shopware newsletter addressees.

WhatsApp is used by 93% of the smartphone population in the DACH region. Over 90% of the adult population in our latitudes owns a smartphone. This means that over 80% of the population with purchasing power is represented on email. Since WhatsApp offers opening rates of up to 95%, you can reach an audience up to five times larger than via email.

WhatsApp Campaign Analysis in Chatarmin Dashboard.

WhatsApp campaign overview in Chatarmin: Attention, if end users do not have the "blue tick" activated, the opens cannot be read. The open rate is therefore estimated to be 10-15% higher than shown here!

**1. WhatsApp Leadgen for Shopware Newsletter via Chatarmin

Change your mobile popup from an email form to WhatsApp. You will reach 50% more leads. How does it work?

One-Click-Conversion instead of tedious filling out of a lead form. Double Opt-In in WhatsApp, instead of error-prone email automations. No spam or promotion inboxes - these simply do not exist in WhatsApp.

Welcome to the Metaflow WhatsApp Newsletter presented by Chatarmin.

Metaflow Mobile WhatsApp Popup

2. Abandoned Cart via WhatsApp and not only via Shopware Newsletter.

Add WhatsApp to your abandoned checkout or abandoned cart automations:

  • Trigger your WhatsApp automation via Chatarmin thanks to Shopware Webhook, you can also tune this automation to the behaviour of your email CRM (if/else split depending on email engagement).
  • Set a delay to optimise the delivery rate, and match the result with your Shopware Email Automations
  • Bring in free leads that you would otherwise lose
  • Add WhatsApp leads to email leads and create additional touchpoints with your future and existing customers

Reduce your dependency on your current Shopware newsletter by optimising your lead generation for your mobile traffic, which is probably 50-80% of your traffic, through WhatsApp.

build your abandoned cart whatsapp automation with chatarmin

WhatsApp-Abandoned-Cart-Flow by Chatarmin

Personalised Shopware Newsletter thanks to API Webhook Trigger

The Shopware 5 REST API enables you to use different webhooks through which we can trigger WhatsApp automations. Again, this makes you less dependent on your current Shopware Newsletter setup.

For example, you can:

  • Read out payment methods: Offer an alternative payment method via WhatsApp if this failed in the purchase.
  • Language identification: Recognise the country and language of your user and offer them their personal content via WhatsApp automation.
  • Orders: Detect the number and type of orders, and serve your customer's needs accordingly via WhatsApp automation.
  • Products: Identify your customer's (favourite) products, add meaningful cross- and upsells to the automation

Abandoned Cart waterdrop® WhatsApp Automation by Chatarmin

9-figure-brand waterdrop® WhatsApp Abandoned Cart Automation powered by Chatarmin

Postpurchase Shopware Newsletter

After the purchase is before the purchase. To give your customer the best shopping experience, Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp marketing tool to offer the "Thank You Page Widget" for Shopware stores. Here's what it looks like:

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp Marketing Tool to offer a Shopware Thank You Page Widget

WhatsApp Thank You Page Widget for Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 Stores by Chatarmin

This in turn makes you independent of your Shopware newsletter, generates more leads, and relieves your customer support centre, which otherwise receives unnecessary enquiries of "Where is my package?". Win-win-win, for you as Shopware Brand Owner, for your customers, and for your support team.

Shopware 5 Post-Purchase WhatsApp Automation built with Chatarmin

Shopware 5 Post-Purchase-WhatsApp-Automation by Chatarmin

You can also conduct surveys, play out UGC content from other customers, send shipping updates, and make cross- and up-sales. Pair your WhatsApp post-purchase automation with your Shopware newsletter, and unleash the full CRM power for your D2C Shopware brand.

Conclusion: How to become independent from your Shopware Newsletter

Many D2C brands are considering a system change due to the switch from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6. Some brands are rethinking their marketing strategies. If your focus is on profitability and you want to take your retention marketing to the next level, you are in good hands with us. Chatarmin has integrated Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 and provides you with the most professional retention marketing through email and WhatsApp, emancipating you from your current Shopware newsletter.

Book your 25-minute WhatsApp marketing consultation with me, Johannes Mansbart, founder of Chatarmin:

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