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WhatsApp recruiting: Modern and fast recruiting via WhatsApp

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By Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder,

Last updated at: July 03, 2024

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☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • A WhatsApp application enables applicants to contact companies quickly and directly.
  • Applications via WhatsApp are particularly popular with the younger generation and complement traditional application procedures perfectly.
  • Companies appreciate the efficient communication when recruiting via WhatsApp and the higher probability that the candidates being considered for a job will read and reply to their message.

A WhatsApp application is a modern way to apply via messenger. More and more companies are using WhatsApp for quick recruiting and efficient communication with applicants. Two of the main advantages of this method are the possibility of direct contact and the ease of use via smartphone. Applications via WhatsApp are especially popular among younger generations and save both HR departments and applicants time.

How WhatsApp Works in Recruiting

A WhatsApp application is simple and quick. The applicant starts the process by sending a message to the company. How candidates become aware of the job largely depends on you. Many companies use, for example, a QR code or a link on their website to initiate contact.

The application process can then proceed as follows:

  • The applicant briefly introduces themselves in a message.
  • Upon request, a resume, cover letter, and other relevant documents can be sent as attachments via WhatsApp.
  • The exchange via the messenger can initially be automated and then proceed personally, speeding up the application process.

How exactly the WhatsApp application process should run in your company is up to you. The fact is that you can save a lot of work time and improve communication with applicants through this communication channel.

WhatsApp Applications Offer Many Advantages for Companies

Companies save time processing applications thanks to WhatsApp and increase the efficiency of their recruiting processes. Direct communication via messenger allows for quicker responses to applicant inquiries.

WhatsApp applications make the entire application process particularly simple while providing ample room for personal components. Communication within the messenger system is more direct and faster than sending emails.

Generation Z and younger generations particularly appreciate this type of application. Using WhatsApp in recruiting makes it easier to establish contact, which in turn leads to more applicants reaching out to you.

If you want to know more about a candidate, you can easily ask for additional documents such as a certificate via WhatsApp chat.

The WhatsApp Business API from Chatarmin ensures the secure and efficient management of applicant data and a GDPR-compliant application process via WhatsApp.

More Suitable Applicants Thanks to WhatsApp and Social Media

Using WhatsApp in recruiting allows companies to reach potential candidates for their open jobs where they communicate daily.

While in the past, traditional written applications were almost exclusively used and applications via email represented a small revolution, companies today can target talents directly and communicate more directly with them.

A very common method of employee acquisition now is recruiting through social media channels. Messenger links can be posted there, through which the WhatsApp application can be made directly. This could be an article in a blog, a Facebook post, or even a TikTok video that prompts someone to apply to you via WhatsApp.

Digitization Has Fundamentally Changed the Job Market

Whether a port logistician or an IT specialist is sought, companies today face completely different challenges than just a few years ago.

Good personnel is hard to find, partly because people can choose between more positions and naturally select the one that offers the most benefits from their perspective. An uncomplicated process in applying via WhatsApp can contribute to the popularity of a position.

While it was once common to stay with the same company for a long time, the modern working world in almost all industries is characterized by frequent changes. This may not apply to all positions, but it is clear that many employees are regularly looking for changes and new opportunities. An uncomplicated application via WhatsApp offers the optimal incentive to apply for a new job from an existing employment relationship.

What Exactly Is Employer Branding?

Companies not only need to develop a brand identity for customer communication but also be attractive to their employees. By identifying with the company, employees remain loyal to it longer.

With the advantage of an uncomplicated application option like the WhatsApp application, you can give your company a young and employee-friendly identity. Communicate with applicants during all application processes so that they feel well taken care of from the start. Even if the job doesn't work out for that person, chances are good that they will speak positively about the process and your company to friends and acquaintances.

Important Tips for Selecting Applicants

The possibility of applying via WhatsApp does not mean that applicants do not need to pay attention to certain formalities. It is also important in a WhatsApp application to make a good impression and consider a few basic tips.

This starts with the profile picture on WhatsApp, which says a lot about the person behind the WhatsApp account. It continues with flawless spelling, which should also be present when using messengers. Emojis and other gimmicks have no place in the application.

The way your applicants communicate with you via WhatsApp can already give you an initial impression of whether they can work within your company's system.

How Is Data Protection Ensured in a WhatsApp Application?

Data protection plays an important role in Germany, and applications via WhatsApp are, of course, no exception.

Our platform offers the decisive advantage of being 100% GDPR-compliant. End-to-end encryption protects WhatsApp chats. Additionally, it must be ensured within the company that data protection works.

When an applicant sends you a resume or a photo, they must be able to trust that it will not fall into the wrong hands. Inform potential applicants in advance about data protection measures. This creates trust and transparency and ensures that more professionals apply for your position.

Making the Application Process with Chatarmin Easier Than Ever

With Chatarmin, applying via WhatsApp is easier and more efficient than ever. We enable smooth recruiting processes that save you valuable work time. Candidates send their documents via WhatsApp and start chats directly through the platform.

If this article has made you curious, try a trial phase and search for suitable candidates for the jobs available in your company via WhatsApp recruiting alongside the usual method. You will quickly notice that the number of responses via chat is higher and more well-suited workers find their way to you with the introduction of WhatsApp applications.

Request Documents and Invite to Interviews

Do you like a job candidate? Then simply request more information from them. Documents can be sent not only by email but also directly via WhatsApp if needed. Also, the invitation to an interview is particularly easy with WhatsApp.

A common problem for employers in the modern working world is that despite invitations, many candidates do not show up for the interview. One of the advantages of WhatsApp is that communication partners see the chat in their messenger and are thus continually reminded of it. "Ghosting" at the interview stage occurs noticeably less often, and an employment relationship is more likely to follow.

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