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Freshdesk WhatsApp integration: Freshchat WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin

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By Johannes Mansbart


Updated on March 15, 2024

WhatsApp Strategy

Freshdesk WhatsApp integration: Freshchat WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin

Why you need Chatarmin’s Freshdesk WhatsApp integration through Freshchat?

This blog post is for companies that use an omnichannel support tool such as Freshdesk, wanting to offer WhatsApp customer support AND wanting to leverage WhatsApp Marketing.

It’s a thing: Extend new customer acquisition and retention marketing efforts, using the most installed and most popular messenger in the world: WhatsApp.

The problem?

By registering a WhatsApp account in Freshdesk directly, you are limited to using it for your client support. And cannot create flows, automations, integrations with your other techstack, or send out WhatsApp newsletters.

Chatarmin changes that, introducing: Freshdesk WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin

FFreshchat WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin - support and marketing through one WABA.

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Freshchat WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin: Here’s how it works

"If you offer omnichannel support, chances are extremely high over 90%, or even over 95%, of the support tickets will chime in through WhatsApp. That is one of the core reasons why Chatarmin focuses on WhatsApp and WhatsApp only.” - Johannes Mansbart, Chatarmin founder

Source: Chatarmin

The theory behind Chatarmin’s Freshdesk WhatsApp integration

You can split your WhatsApp customer support into those general buckets:

automated WhatsApp support through chatbots (AI/static) manual WhatsApp support through support agents

Whilst chatbots - whether they’re built on dynamic AI-, or static chatbot-logics - do have their reasonable use cases, as this statistic shows:

IndustryBot Deflection*
Industry Average92.95
Fashion and Beauty Brands86.05

Source: Verloop CSAT and Bot Deflection Report on Conversational Messaging, 2022 *Bot Deflection = % Automatically solved support tickets through Chatbots

TIP: We have written about our ChatGPT WhatsApp integration at length recently here.

So, we are all set:

Your clients communicate with your brand via Instagram, Facebook, Mail, SMS, WhatsApp and Co. If you use an omnichannel customer support skin such as Freshdesk, you will face issues, since those different channels are limited to handling inbound support requests, and lack any necessary CRM features that you may want to use, to not only serve, but also market, in your favourite communicational channels.

WhatsApp is the number one channel for this use case by far.

Now, registering your WhatsApp account directly with Freshchat is for noobs. It makes you having to use two WABAs (WhatsApp Business Accounts) for support and marketing:

  • creating breaks in user journeys
  • causing confusion with customers
  • hurting your brand and
  • losing leads that convert from support to marketing

You don’t wanna do that, especially if you’re going international one day. It is too much of a bottleneck in operational scaleability.

Instead: Use the Freshdesk Integration "Chatarmin" as a third party app to keep a flexible WABA.

Freshdesk WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin to get rid of scaleability bottlenecks in all things WhatsApp

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp software worldwide to enable customer support to work in its favourite environment, whilst we enable marketing teams to use the best WhatsApp Marketing Software in their native infrastructure

Get started: 5 Steps to setup your Freshchat WhatsApp integration with Chatarmin

Here is your quick five steps on how to get started with Freshdesk and Chatarmin, keeping one WABA and one phone number for ally our WhatsApp desires:

  1. Get your Chatarmin account
  2. Get your Freshdesk account
  3. Copy & Paste your Freshdesk API key into your Chatarmin Dashboard
  4. Install Chatarmin as your third party customer support channel in Freshdesk
  5. Test your solution by texting your WABA, iterate the solution as you see fit, finished!

We described it in the video above and you can find it on our youtube.

It really is that easy to setup your Freshdesk WhatsApp integration with Chatarmin. We are the only WhatsApp CRM worldwide, that is flexible enough to offer customer support to work in Freshdesk, and Marketing to work in Chatarmin.

If it doesn’t work? Maybe you downloaded an old version of the Chatarmin Freshdesk WhatsApp integration. Here’s what to do in this instance:

Source: Chatarmin

BONUS 1: What is Freshdesk and why you need a dedicated Chatarmin Freshchat WhatsApp integration

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk was founded in Chennai, India, in 2010 and is now headquartered in San Mateo, California. The solution is a well-known customer service software.

Freshdesk is a customer support suite that enables companies to manage their clients’ support-tickets through a multi-messenger-inbox and automated routing, ticketing and support-agent-system.

Freshdesk is an Omnichannel customer support tool, so in addition to WhatsApp and email, customers can open tickets using chat, Facebook posts, private Facebook messages, Twitter, and many other social channels.

Freshdesk WhatsApp integration by Chatarmin: Use one WhatsApp Business Account für Support, Marketing & Sales.

Through Chatarmin's 3rd party Freshdesk app, you can use a WABA to perform WhatsApp marketing in Chatarmin, as well as WhatsApp support in Freshdesk.

Similar, to Chatarmin’s zendesk WhatsApp integration and Gorgias WhatsApp integration.

Freshdesk offers an extensive array of features and tools designed to enhance companies' management of customer relationships. Here are some key highlights of Freshdesk:

  • Ticket Management: Freshdesk centralizes the handling of customer requests through tickets. This feature allows you to monitor and manage the status of requests, ensuring that no inquiry goes unanswered.
  • Customer Portal: Freshdesk provides a user-friendly portal that empowers customers to access information and submit requests. This fosters transparency, enabling customers to monitor the progress of their concerns independently.
  • Multi-channel Support: Freshdesk supports various communication channels, including email, chat, and social media. This flexibility allows customers to reach out through their preferred channels.
  • Knowledge Base: Users can create a knowledge base to address frequently asked questions, allowing customers to find answers on their own.
  • Analyses and Reports: Freshdesk equips users with tools to analyze

Chatarmin’s clients usually either use Freshdesk, or zendesk, or Gorgias, to scale their customer support operations. Naturally, Chatarmin - as the leading WhatsApp Marketing Software in the world - integrates dedicated custom apps for all three of the industry-leading customer support softwares.

BONUS 2: Why zapier is not a solution for scalable and robust software infrastructure

As soon as software sales tells you “they have an integration” or “you can use our zapier integration to access thousands of integrations”: run. It will neither be scalable, nor professional, nor unlimited solution. As soon as you’ll voice one custom individual request, you will be lost and left alone. Ask for native integrations and real demos of the solutions you request.

Forget zapier integrations and watch out for native integrations sales can actually show you in software demo calls.

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp Marketing Software in the world to offer a native Freshdesk WhatsApp integration

With this in mind, Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp CRM worldwide with a Freshdesk WhatsApp integration, that lets you install your custom WhatsApp account as a third party app in Freshdesk, so support and marketing can both work with their dream techstack, all whilst using the same WABA which is the only one your clients will have to engage with.

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