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By Johannes Mansbart

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Last updated at: June 25, 2024

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☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • Greetings from customers play an important role in the subsequent customer relationship.
  • Customer satisfaction is controlled by the quality of communication.
  • Whatsapp message templates help you find ideas for your own text templates.
  • The welcome messages must suit the company, the customers and the style of customer communication, including via other media or in direct conversation.
  • Customer experience starts with the first impression - the Whatsapp Business welcome message.

You can create your own initial welcome messages for Whatsapp Business from various templates if the style of the conversation, customer target group and offer match. If you are addressing different customer groups, you can also create and send different welcome messages. Regardless of whether location, origin or time of day play a role for the customer.

Why welcome messages are important and useful

Customers come to your WhatsApp chat when they have time to store, want to find out about your offer, want to ask existing customers for reviews or have other concerns about your company.

However, you have fixed times for your support staff and the opening hours of your locations will not always correspond with your customers' wishes. However, Whatsapp Business Chat is always open and your customers can leave their messages exactly when it suits their schedule.

Your welcome messages give your customers the good feeling of being recognized and important, no matter what time they send you their questions or orders.

The WhatsApp welcome message can therefore be crucial in retaining your customer, increasing their satisfaction with your service and increasing your referral rate through the positive customer experience.

Welcome messages within business hours

In addition to speed, a consistent first impression is also important for good ratings in customer communication during chat times. A Whatsapp Business welcome message is therefore also recommended if the chat employee can respond to the customer quickly.

Sending this first automatic WhatsApp message even gives your employee time to get in tune with the customer and see which item they would like to order or what answers are available to their question.

Such a welcome message can be short and concise, but should reflect the general tone of your customer communication.

Example of a Whatsapp Business welcome message when an employee is immediately available:

Hello (customer name) and thank you for your message. Our employee will get back to you shortly. If you are placing an order, please have your order number ready.

Welcome messages outside opening hours

Business hours are of little interest to customers who are used to shopping online. You must therefore expect that your customer will often use the channel for communication outside of set times.

An automatic reply in the style of your corporate communication gives you the opportunity to provide this customer with the requested information at a later time. WhatsApp messages reach the customer at any time of day and it is up to them whether they have time to answer your message immediately and, for example, complete their order in a matter of seconds.

Example of a Whatsapp message template when no employee is immediately available: Hello (customer name) and thank you for your message and your interest. Unfortunately, you are reaching us outside our opening hours. We will contact you as soon as we are open again and get back to you directly with the answer to your request.

What the Whatsapp Business welcome message means for customers

Even long-standing customers of online stores know that they cannot expect to find an employee in the chat around the clock. However, the Whatsapp welcome message shows them that the company is also aware that its customers want to store or obtain information at all times.

Whatsapp therefore offers a way to quickly and easily retain customers with a first impression via the service of a welcome message. The tone of these messages corresponds exactly to the customer experience that has perhaps already been made via email or a visit to a physical store.

Your customer experiences the appreciation they desire and recognizes the stringent pursuit of the business philosophy even outside of opening hours or branches. Whether strict according to old rules of etiquette or more relaxed in tone plays a subordinate role if the overall impression is coherent.

Get customers and companies in tune with each other through welcome messages

Whatsapp Business can be set up so that the customer recognizes the brand even outside of stores or websites. Corporate identity in the tone of voice and not just in the design.

Incorporate your customers' lifestyle into your welcome messages. Feel free to refer to innovations in your product range or services. Your Whatsapp Business message can also be used as an advertising message.

It's not always just about greeting the customer or putting them off until a later date.

Create your own Whatsapp welcome message, what to look out for?

We at Chatarmin are also happy to help you create your welcome messages for Whatsapp Business. If you want to write your own, then follow the rules below:

  • Align the approach to customers with your rules for customer communication in the company in general.
  • Tips for information on your website can be part of your message, as well as a short sentence thanking the customer to strengthen the relationship.
  • Think carefully about the purpose and timing of your Whatsapp Business message and refer to it.
  • Marketing via WhatsApp Business is short and sweet, with links to the relevant information that the customer is or could be looking for from you.
  • Incorporate experiences from your daily dealings with customers in your business into the templates. Whatsapp allows you to create templates for a variety of occasions and send them automatically.

Whatsapp Business greeting message search from templates, what to look out for?

Once you have set up your business and found the right tone for your communication via Whatsapp, you will find a variety of message templates from different industries on our website or directly on Whatsapp Business.

Don't forget to adapt these message templates to your company, even if you like the text of the greeting message at first. It's up to you whether your message in Whatsapp Business starts with Hello, Hi or Good afternoon.

Message templates for Whatsapp Business can already sound very personalized, but try to give them a personal touch and above all don't forget to mention your brand, your motto or simply the company as such.

Examples of Whatsapp welcome messages

Whatsapp business greeting message templates can be found for many occasions. Depending on the situation, they can be adapted to your business or to you as a person. Think of Whatsapp Business as your platform for quick and effective customer communication and information.

1. greeting messages from Whatsapp Business with a personal touch

Hello (customer name)! Thank you for contacting us at (brand or company name). My name is (employee or owner name). I'm here to answer your questions and help you with anything you need. Shall we get started right away?

2. example of a Whatsapp greeting message with purely informational content

Welcome to (insert name of brand or company)! We are delighted that you have found your way to us. If you have any questions about our products and services, you can start writing directly here. We are always happy to help you.

Thank you for your interest in us and our products from (insert brand name). You want to start with the latest collections right away? Simply reply with "Yes" and we'll send you the must-have items for the coming season straight to your inbox.

4. message templates from Whatsapp Business to bridge time bottlenecks or quiet periods

Good afternoon! We have just received your message and will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. In the meantime, you will find a first impression of our latest innovations on our website (insert link). Please feel free to take a look around.

5. Whatsapp Business welcome messages with tips enhance the user experience

Hello, with us (please replace with brand name)! Would you like to sign up for our newsletter and save a whopping 10% on your first order? Just let me know that you're interested

6. the star among the Whatsapp business greeting templates - the personal address

Welcome dear (insert customer name) to (insert brand or company name)! Nice to have you here. If you're looking for something special, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll direct you to the right address. Have fun browsing too!

7. the message template for feedback in Whatsapp Business

As you know, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services. If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know! Feedback is rewarded with us.

8. a thank you message template for many occasions in Whatsapp Business

Thank you for contacting us personally (insert brand)! Your interest inspires us and shows that we are on the right track. Let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will help you to find your desired product without any detours.

9. whatsapp message templates are also available for FAQ:

Hello, with us (feel free to replace with brand)! The majority of our users are looking for answers about delivery times. Standard deliveries can be with you within 3 to 5 working days. With express delivery, you will be able to experience the function of our products more quickly.

10. Whatsapp greeting message and invitation to social media:

A cheerful hello! We think it's great that you're interested in our offers. If you don't want to miss any more news and always be up to date, then follow us on Instagram (specify Insta account)

The first impression for your customers - the greeting

Our selection of Whatsapp Business templates has certainly shown you what kind of message you can easily convey and at the same time give the customer a feeling of active communication.

A greeting message in Whatsapp is superior to an email, also because of the possibility to send a creative message. Replies via Whatsapp business templates from customers are also created more frequently than has been the rule with traditional marketing tools up to now.

With our support in setting up your Whatsapp Business App you will master and learn to love the functions in no time. Inactivity is a thing of the past, as is waiting for customers to find their way to you during your business hours.

The Whatsapp welcome message is information and entertainment for your customers and fans. Make it part of your communication with prospective customers around the clock. There are virtually no limits to your creativity and you can start the direct conversation as soon as the first message has been sent.

Further options for greetings

Messages from Whatsapp Business can also serve other purposes than just greetings. In our list you are sure to find suggestions for a template that may also be required in your business:

  • Information on opening hours, preferably with a link to updated or special closing times
  • Information on delivery conditions with a link to the website
  • Shipping confirmations
  • Order and delivery confirmations
  • Information on complaints and their general handling
  • Confirmation of delivery dates or information that certain goods are back in stock
  • News in the product range or offer

Don't forget - express your thanks for the customer's message

Thanking your customers is part of good corporate culture. In addition to the mundane "Thank you for your message", you can also include other thank-you phrases in your greetings or create your own templates especially for this purpose.

You can also say thank you for accepting an invitation, for using WhatsApp as a communication channel with you, for providing an answer to a specific question or for picking up information from a link you sent along.

The customer's overall customer experience is improved when not only welcome messages or Whatsapp from the marketing area are sent, but also a thank you is sent to them from time to time.

Whatsapp Business for all industries

The welcome messages, greetings or other templates for Whatsapp are not just about selling goods. Companies from the service industry, tourism, telecommunications and advertising use these options.

You can find all the knowledge and further examples of the use of Whatsapp Business and the personalized message on the Chatarmin website. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about the Whatsapp app.

Integrate Whatsapp Business into your company today. It helps start-ups and influencers get off the ground just as successfully as it paves the way for traditional brands to reach their customers' smartphones.

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