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WhatsApp Cloud API: Enhance Your Messaging Experience

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By Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder,

Last updated at: July 07, 2024

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☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • No costs for hosting
  • It will be the "Gold standard" from the year 2025
  • WhatsApp business solution provider such as Chatarmin necessary
  • Faster updates and upgrades
  • Easy setup and uncomplicated access for companies
  • WhatsApp API for the popular messenger
  • Differences for business accounts explained
  • Tips and answers regarding WhatsApp On-Premises API

The WhatsApp Cloud API will complement the WhatsApp Business API over the next few months. From 2025, WhatsApp will no longer support the Business API and Meta will take over hosting itself via the WhatsApp Cloud API. All functions will remain similar, but you should make the switch to the WhatsApp Cloud API with Chatarmin as soon as possible.

What is the WhatsApp Cloud API?

The WhatsApp Cloud API is an interface that enables developers to gain direct access to the data in the WhatsApp cloud. With this API, businesses can integrate various features into their applications, such as sending and receiving messages, retrieving profile information and managing group chats within the WhatsApp Business platform.

By using the WhatsApp Cloud API, you will find ways to create user-friendly and innovative applications that enable seamless integration with the popular messaging service. The API offers a variety of ways to customize and extend functionalities to meet the individual requirements of different projects.

With the WhatsApp Cloud API, you have powerful messaging platform tools at your disposal to develop user-centric and highly interactive applications that optimize communication and data exchange via WhatsApp via Meta.

Free alternative to the WhatsApp Business API

The fact is that from 2025, the WhatsApp messenger will only prefer and support the WhatsApp Cloud API. In contrast to the WhatsApp Business API, the servers will then be hosted directly by the Meta Group and no longer by the WhatsApp API partners. The WhatsApp Cloud API was introduced at the beginning of 2022 alongside the WhatsApp Business API, with the option of hosting servers directly at Meta.

The WhatsApp Cloud API will certainly become the new future-oriented standard for companies that do not want to do without WhatsApp for customer communication. According to official statements, the service for the WhatsApp API will be discontinued in October 2025. No more updates and no more support. You should therefore be prepared to use the future WhatsApp Cloud API standard.

Chartarmin will be happy to support you with any questions and implementation. Basically, not much will change, except that you will switch from the WhatsApp Business API to the WhatsApp Cloud API based on the WhatsApp API Business Platform next year.

Why the WhatsApp Cloud API makes sense for businesses

The WhatsApp Cloud API or Messenger offers numerous advantages and is therefore particularly suitable for companies (WhatsApp Business Platform). By using this API, your company will be able to communicate (message) with customers and employees more efficiently.

The integration of WhatsApp into the cloud enables seamless interaction and a quick exchange of information. In addition, the cloud-based solution offers secure and reliable storage of the WhatsApp API, which is essential for companies.

Furthermore, the WhatsApp Cloud API enables easy scaling of the WhatsApp Business platform, allowing companies to respond flexibly to their communication needs. Overall, the WhatsApp Cloud API is a practical and powerful solution for businesses of all sizes to optimize their communications and improve customer service.

WhatsApp Cloud API vs WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API allows your company to conduct official business communication via WhatsApp by using features such as automated messages, chatbots and analytics tools. In contrast, the WhatsApp Cloud API is also used to integrate WhatsApp messages into business communication and to continue using automated functions or analysis tools.

The WhatsApp On-Premises API currently offers a more comprehensive solution for companies to communicate effectively with their customers. The speeds and pricing are more interesting. Because the WhatsApp Cloud API is hosted by the parent company Meta, your company theoretically gets faster and more secure access to the comprehensive solutions, including in the backend area.

Various security updates to the WhatsApp API could be implemented more quickly. Upgrades to the WhatsApp API will also be installed more quickly. The WhatsApp Cloud API gives all companies and WhatsApp partners free access to the messenger's powerful tools. Within the WhatsApp API, your team currently has to manually install updates and upgrades to the WhatsApp Business platform.

This can quickly lead to delays. From 2025 at the latest, the WhatsApp Business API will no longer be officially supported and supplied with updates. Therefore, with the help of Chatarmin, you should take initial measures to use the future-oriented WhatsApp Cloud API for conversations soon.

Advantages of the WhatsApp Cloud API

The focus is clearly on infrastructure and updates. With the WhatsApp Cloud API, you will find a potentially more stable and secure alternative to the WhatsApp Business API. In addition, Meta will be oriented towards the cloud version from 2025, which will also be offered free of charge. Furthermore, the servers will be hosted by Meta and your team will benefit from faster updates and new features.

The cumbersome application process will also be eliminated. Currently, only certified partners have access to the WhatsApp Business API. Setting up and installing the on-premises API is also a complex process. In addition, the costs are significantly lower when using a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

These variants are currently available to you

The WhatsApp Business APP, WhatsApp Business API access and the WhatsApp Cloud API are currently available for your company. The fact is that the WhatsApp Cloud API will be standard from 2025 because the "regular" API will no longer be provided with updates. But which solutions are suitable for which purposes? Here is a guide to which model is more likely to be used (also with regard to GDPR).

1 WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business app enables your company to communicate more efficiently with your contacts. You can use this app to create professional business profiles to provide important information such as opening hours, location and contact details. You can also set up automated messages to answer frequently asked questions and improve customer service via WhatsApp account.

This will strengthen your customer loyalty and increase sales. You have the opportunity to share special offers and discount promotions to pique customers' interest and encourage them to buy. You can also respond to inquiries in real time and offer fast and effective customer service.

In this way, the WhatsApp Business app helps you to maintain your customer relationships and be successful in the long term. By communicating directly via WhatsApp Business, you can also receive feedback from your customers and obtain suggestions for improving your products or services. In this way, you show your customers that you are interested in their opinion and take their wishes seriously.

WhatsApp API as an app

The app also gives you the opportunity to obtain statistics and analyses on the success of your marketing campaigns. This allows you to adjust your strategy and optimize your marketing activities. The WhatsApp Business app is therefore an indispensable tool for companies to interact effectively with their customers and build long-term relationships.

Start conversations with your business account, answer customer questions and take advantage of Chatarmin's software for a flexible user interface of your account. Contact our professionals without obligation. Observe the GDPR and ensure a secure opt-in procedure.

#2 WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API enables your business to communicate with customers in real time. Using the WhatsApp API, businesses can send automated messages, offer customer support and even process transactions. By using the WhatsApp Business API, brands will make their communication more efficient and improve customer loyalty.

In addition, the WhatsApp API allows you to send personalized messages to your customers and thus optimize the shopping experience. With the WhatsApp Business API, companies can therefore take their customer relationships to a new level and successfully conduct digital marketing.

By integrating the WhatsApp Business API, you will also optimize your customer service. With the help of chatbots, frequently asked questions can be answered automatically, resulting in faster and more efficient customer communication.

The first step is to contact Chatarmin and we will take care of your account. We would be happy to convince you of our portfolio of services related to the popular messenger.

WhatsApp API for your marketing

Companies can also use the API to carry out targeted marketing campaigns and inform their customers about current offers or news. The WhatsApp Business API therefore offers a wide range of opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty and successfully expand your business.

By integrating the WhatsApp Business API, companies can also expand their reach on an international level. With the ability to communicate in different countries and languages, companies will strengthen their global presence and tap into new markets.

In addition, the WhatsApp Business API enables your company to automate certain processes and thus save resources. By automating recurring tasks, your employees can be deployed more effectively and focus on more demanding tasks.

This will increase your brand's efficiency and reduce costs. With the WhatsApp Business API, companies have the opportunity to take their customer relationships to a new level and position themselves successfully in a digital environment.

#3 WhatsApp Cloud API

The WhatsApp Cloud API offers companies an efficient way to communicate with their customers and offer services. As an entrepreneur, you can use the API to send automated messages, to provide information about orders or bookings and to provide customer support via chat.

By integrating the WhatsApp Cloud API into your business processes, you can strengthen customer loyalty and increase the efficiency of your business. As an entrepreneur, you also benefit from the ability to send personalized advertising messages and carry out targeted marketing.

With the help of analyses and evaluations, you can also better understand customer behavior and adapt your communication strategy accordingly. The WhatsApp Cloud API allows you to respond to individual customer needs and thereby increase your sales.

WhatsApp API for business accounts

By making targeted use of the WhatsApp Cloud API, you can also create individual customer profiles and send personalized offers or recommendations. This not only creates an even closer bond with your customers, but also increases the success rate of your marketing campaigns.

By further optimizing the interaction with your customers and understanding their needs even better, you can successfully position your company on the market in the long term. The WhatsApp Cloud API thus offers you a wide range of possibilities to improve your business activities and take your company to the next level.

Pricing of the WhatsApp Cloud API

Basically, with the WhatsApp Cloud API you avoid the costs of external hosting because Meta takes care of the hosting itself and stores the data in the cloud. However, you are still dependent on a certified WhatsApp solution provider partner such as Chatarmin (or Superchat), which generates a kind of bridge between the WhatsApp Cloud API and the business platform.

This software provides you with all the technical refinements such as chatbots and comprehensive solutions for your WhatsApp business. The pure use of the WhatsApp Cloud API is therefore free of charge when it comes to server costs. By the way, the first 1000 WhatsApp conversations with your customers (started by the customer) are free of charge.

Have conversations (GDPR-compliant) with our software

After that, WhatsApp API fees apply. Depending on the type of communication, with different price structures. The topics are subdivided into marketing, transactions, support and authentication. In addition, your Business Solution Partner charges a processing fee per message as a link. However, Chatarmin provides you with a transparent price table and you can plan your budget precisely.

Activate your WhatsApp account and use the software of a WhatsApp solution provider. Here you will find the right user interface for your account (always the latest version). Our specialized agents will compare your needs and optimize your account for quick access to the WhatsApp Cloud API.

Our page explains the first steps and everything you need to know about your business account. With your company WhatsApp number, you can present relevant content (such as articles) to the full extent of the possibilities. The only requirements are a software (Chatarmin), a WhatsApp account for conversations and the first steps to follow to implement your WhatsApp strategy.

WhatsApp Cloud API protocols and security

Important point because privacy and security are primary goals. Both variants, such as the WhatsApp Cloud API and the WhatsApp Business API, are implemented via a business solution partner such as Chatarmin. As a platform for your business and your customer communication, so to speak.

There are differences when it comes to hosting. While the WhatsApp Business API is hosted by the business solution partner itself or by external service providers, the WhatsApp Cloud API is hosted by the Meta Group. With all the advantages.

The WhatsApp Cloud API provides the "Graph Protocol" and the Business API the "Rest API" protocol. The standard costs are similar, although the WhatsApp Cloud API naturally eliminates server costs entirely.

In theory, the Cloud API is more secure and future-oriented because updates and upgrades are available in real time, whereas with the WhatsApp Business API these are installed on a cyclical basis.

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