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Messengerpeople Alternative: Chatarmin WhatsApp Marketing Tool Compared to Messengerpeople (SinchEngage Alternative)

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By Johannes Mansbart


Last updated at: May 24, 2024

WhatsApp Market Comparison

Messengerpeople Alternative: Chatarmin WhatsApp Marketing Tool Compared to Messengerpeople (SinchEngage Alternative)

Looking for an alternative to Messengerpeople? Unsure if the high MessengerPeople costs are justified, or if your case will pay for itself, let alone turn into a profitable WhatsApp marketing case? Are you frustrated because you are dissatisfied with Messengerpeople? The case doesn't pay off, the tool doesn't scale easily or you are dissatisfied with the UI/UX?

Messengerpeople is the multi-messenger dinosaur in the German startup scene

SinchEngage aka Messengerpeople, Website 08/2023

About "SinchEngage" and why there is a need for a Messengerpeople alternative.

Messengerpeople was founded in 2015 and acquired by the international group "SinchEngage" in 2019. According to LinkedIn Messengerpeople employs around 50 people, but this does not include the intercontinental offices in e.g. Latin America and Southeast Asia. Here you have an overview of "SinchEngage" and the Messengerpeople alternative Chatarmin:

Year of foundation20152022
Number of employees~1003
Exit sumseveral million
Server locations?DE & Ö
Marketing Tool
Marketing Integrations
Multi-Messenger Support SuiteIntegrations

Messengerpeople is an "old hand" in the multi-messenger business. This inspires confidence and carries strong reviews. However, a corporate takeover also slows things down enormously, the founders are out, and the product is outdated. We are admittedly shocked by MessengerPeople's enormously high pricing, and very happy to be able to offer such a powerful and commercially attractive alternative to Messengerpeople.

Messengerpeople alternative Chatarmin: The direct pricing, features and UI/UX comparison.

We have been the direct market companion of the Bavarian multi-messenger start-up "MessengerPeople" for about 18 months. A clear positioning difference has emerged:

**Messengerpeople is one of the leading multi-messenger customer support tools for corporations and SMEs. Messengerpeople's market focus is unclear to us, testimonials read like the "Who's Who" of German SMEs. Messengerpeople is therefore not a vertical SaaS that serves a pointed niche use case and the needs of a clear ICP ("Ideal Customer Profile"). Of course, this has advantages and disadvantages, which we will work on in this blogpost

Chatarmin is THE WhatsApp marketing tool for D2C Brands with Shopware, Shopify and Klaviyo techstack. We have clearly focused on the eCommerce, retail and franchise niches and thus verticalised. As a Messengerpeople alternative, we can therefore excel in precisely these areas, as we enable deeper integrations with more sophisticated CRM use cases. The Messengerpeople product will never be able to provide this focus.

Messengerpeople is a multi-messenger customer support suite, not a WhatsApp revenue engine. Chatarmin is THE WhatsApp marketing provider that should be considered as a MessengerPeople alternative in exactly this area (WhatsApp sales & WhatsApp marketing). At Chatarmin, we cover the support use case via "custom integrations or apps" for tools such as Gorgias or Zendesk. This way, you don't need two WABAs for support and marketing, and you don't have to migrate your support team to a new system landscape.

Differences between MessengerPeople and Messengerpeople-alternative Chatarmin

As mentioned above, the corporate philosophies of Messengerpeople and its alternative Chatarmin differ greatly. This also affects the most important core features such as features, pricing and service. We will now dissect the two most important levers in your decision for your optimal WhatsApp marketing provider together: pricing and features.

Min. monthly cost€199.00+€99.00+
Additional costs/conversation€0.03+€0.00
Shared Slack Connect Channel
WhatsApp revenue participation costs
Costs/additional support agents
Modern and user-friendly UI/UX
Free Demo Account
Shopify Integration
Shopware Integration
AI Chatbotfrom €1,000.00/M.
Klaviyo Integration
flexible contract terms

As you can see from the overview, Messengerpeople differs from its alternative Chatarmin mainly in the following points

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • UI/UX

which we will now take a closer look at, and which, in our opinion, totally legitimise the discussion about an attractive, modern and inexpensive Messengerpeople alternative.

"Messengerpeople by Sinch" Pricing: The direct comparison with the Messengerpeople alternative Chatarmin [Attention you save a lot of money!]

**According to Pricing-Page, Messengerpeople quickly becomes much more expensive. Here you can find a general overview in comparison to the Messengerpeople alternative Chatarmin:

MessengerPeople ("Messengerpeople by Sinch")Chatarmin
monthly fixed costs€199,00+€99,00+
additional costs/conversation€0,03-€0,20€0.00
costs/support staff
Average monthly cost€999.00€249.00

Let's now look at the matter in detail using sample invoices.

The Messengerpeople "Starter Package " is virtually unusable or unaffordable at an additional cost of €0.20 per conversation. Imagine that you no longer pay an average of €0.07 per WhatsApp conversation as described in the official WhatsApp Business Platform cost catalogue from META, but €0.27. In our opinion, this is extortionate.

Monthly calculation example "Starter", Messengerpeople alternative: 10,000 active leads, one WhatsApp marketing campaign per month

monthly fixed costs€199,00+€249,00+
additional costs/conversation€2,000.00+€0.00
monthly costs€2,199.00+€249.00

Conclusion: With 10,000 active contacts and a campaign, you pay €1,950.00 more per month with Messengerpeople in the "Starter Package" than with its alternative Chatarmin.**_

The Messengerpeople "Professional Package " has additional costs/conversation of "only cheaper" €0.07, which is still extremely high and corresponds to charles spheres. The fixed costs here are already a whopping €399.00, plus additional costs for further support staff.

Monthly calculation example "Professional", Messengerpeople alternative: 25,000 active leads, two WhatsApp marketing campaigns a month

monthly fixed costs€399,00+€474,00+
additional costs/conversation€3,500.00+€0.00
monthly costs€3,899.00+€474.00

Conclusion: With 25,000 active contacts and two campaigns per month, you pay €3,425.00 more per month with Messengerpeople in the "Professional Package" than with its alternative Chatarmin.**_

The Messengerpeople "Business Package " still has an additional conversation cost of €0.03 per WhatsApp conversation, and is already highly priced at €699.00 per month. MessengerPeople will certainly not win a price war with this cost structure; there are few companies that can, will and should afford this.

Monthly calculation example "Business", Messengerpeople alternative: 50,000 active leads, two WhatsApp marketing campaigns per month

monthly fixed costs€699,00+€849,00+
additional costs/conversation€3,000.00+€0.00
monthly fixed costs€3,699.00+€849.00

Summary: With 50,000 active contacts and two campaigns per month, you pay €2,850.00 more per month with Messengerpeople in the "Business Package" than with its alternative Chatarmin.

Here you can find an overview of the Messengerpeople prices:


Messengerpeople transparent prices, publicly presented, on the Messengerpeople website, 09/2023

In summary, we find Messengerpeople's pricing extremely expensive, and also fail to see the legitimacy of solid customer support, server locations in Germany and corporate compliance. All these points are equally fulfilled by smaller players like Chatarmin, and at a fraction of the prices.

By switching from Messengerpeople to Chatarmin you will save between €1,950.00 and €3,420.00 in the above example cases. The larger your database and WhatsApp activity become when scaling your WhatsApp marketing measures, the greater the price discrepancy becomes with the MessengerPeople alternative Chatarmin.

In the following video you can see how a collaboration with us usually looks like

Feature overview: Where Chatarmin triumphs as a Messengerpeople alternative, and where it doesn't

Let's now look at a second major decision criterion for the support and CRM teams of the world: The product. Here you will find an overview of the Messengerpeople feature landscape, and that of the alternative Chatarmin. We also include support features like the popular "Slack Connect Channel" at Chatarmin:

Shared Slack-Connect Channel
Static Email Support Ticketing SystemCosts/Additional Support Agents
Modern and user-friendly UI/UX
Shopify Integration
Shopware Integration
Klaviyo Integration
Modern Flow Builder
ChatGPT campaign split tests
API if/else splits in the flow builder

We see the following main weaknesses in the "Messengerpeople by SinchEngage" product that really cry out for a Messengerpeople alternative:

  • UI/UX: This is simply outdated due to the age of Messengerpeople and has never been modernised in the course of the last eight years.- Flow Builder: In order to enable autamatisation, Messengerpeople requires static chatbot logics. This means costly additional work, cumbersome staff training and outdated automation UI/UX.
  • eCommerce integrations: Messengerpeople has no marketing CRM integrations as of September 2023. Above all, Klaviyo as THE go-to CRM and CDP tool for eCommerce should be mentioned by name here. Here, Messengerpeople has no focus due to its broad product.

We hope that you are now a few steps closer to deciding whether you would like to go with "Messengerpeople by Sinch" or whether you would prefer to look at a cheaper MessengerPeople alternative such as Chatarmin.

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