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Trengo WhatsApp alternative: Chatarmin is the better Trengo WhatsApp

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By Johannes Mansbart


Last updated at: May 28, 2024

WhatsApp Market Comparison

Trengo WhatsApp alternative: Chatarmin is the better Trengo WhatsApp.

There was a big outcry when Klaviyo announced their official partnership with Trengo six months ago. After all, Klaviyo had only recently announced before that it would not develop its own WhatsApp product. A philosophy that Klaviyo still adheres to today. Clearly, especially Klaviyo eCommerce customers want a WhatsApp solution that enables WhatsApp marketing as well as an eCommerce WhatsApp Klaviyo integration.

The Scandinavian startup has unfortunately failed to deliver a decent Trengo WhatsApp eCommerce solution since then. The poor Trengo WhatsApp eCommerce integration leaves Trengo as just another solution in the sea of "multi-messenger customer support suites". In this blog post, we elaborate on why that is.

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Trengo WhatsApp Alternative - Comparing Trengo to Chatarmin

Trengo offers multi-messenger solutions with native customer support agents and a ticketing system. This is the only category where Trengo outperforms Chatarmin. However, due to the fact that in the DACH region over 90% of multi-messenger communication flows take place via WhatsApp anyway, we consider this argument to be convincing only in rare cases.

The Trengo WhatsApp solution is technically very limited, due to Trengo's narrow industry and product focus. If you are looking for a Trengo WhatsApp alternative, you can find a comparison with Chatarmin here:

Monthly Cost€100,00+€82,00+
Additional Conversational Costs
Shared Slack-Connect Channel
Rev-Share costs
Progressive costs/agent seat
Modern and user-friendly UI/UX

So if you're looking for an affordable and flexible WhatsApp marketing provider, and optionally use Shopify and/or Klaviyo as a MarTech stack for your D2C brand in eCommerce, you should definitely start looking for the right Trengo WhatsApp alternative for you.

I explain how working with Chatarmin could look like in the basic WhatsApp-setup in this video

Trengo WhatsApp Business API

Trengo is a multi-messenger communication software. This means that not only DSGVO-compliant and scalable WhatsApp is offered, but also communication channels such as email, SMS, Instagram DM's, Facebook Messenger and Co.

This sounds attractive at first glance. However, as soon as you understand that over 90% of all communication flows through WhatsApp, even if companies offer all the above options, it seems much ado about nothing.

Or do you want to keep your teams busy and annoyed with countless communication channels, only to have them spend 90% of their time and energy with one? Then let's just follow the Pareto principle right now and focus, but execute that focus better for it.

The fact that Trengo tries to offer all possible communication channels means that the individual solutions are correspondingly immature. So if Trengo wants to integrate Klaviyo into its WhatsApp product, it must also offer it for all other communication channels. Such a "product sprint" takes months. Finished is your unfinished and half-baked software product.

Trengo also offers WhatsApp Business API access as part of its Multi Messenger software.

Trengo WhatsApp Template for your campaigns and multi-media flows

Trengo also offers the possibility to send templates to the WhatsApp Business API. But what does this mean?

If a business wants to trigger a "conversation" - that is, a 24-hour window from the start of the chat - it must do so through a pre-verified "template".

This must first be approved by the WhatsApp Business Spam Filter before businesses are allowed to proactively write to contacts. This ensures that weapons, drugs, alcohol and the like cannot be advertised on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Business API allows you to include photos, videos and PDF's, as well as different CTAs and formatting options in your templates.

This creates completely new possibilities in the interactive and personalized design of WhatsApp templates for WhatsApp campaigns and WhatsApp flows.

Trengo WhatsApp eCommerce solution for beginners.

Trengo offers the WhatsApp Business API as part of its "integrations". So, the WhatsApp communication channel is not "natively integrated" and accordingly limited. However, it is possible to trigger "Flows" through Klaviyo "Inflow Webhooks" and thus to open up at least a minimum level of integration.

For beginners, who already use Trengo as a multi-messenger communication software, it is a good idea to use the Klaviyo integration for the first steps. Sooner or later, however, product limitations and scaling restrictions will make you look for a Trengo Klaviyo WhatsApp Business API solution.

In discussions with customers, including the CRM team of "Farmrio", it turned out that both the Trengo WhatsApp integration, as well as the Trengo Klaviyo integration is such an external app integration to be connected. Accordingly, the interaction and connectivity options are limited.

Trengo WhatsApp eCommerce integrations and their limits.

So, the Trengo WhatsApp API does not allow native integration with Klaviyo. That means you can't sync WhatsApp activity from Trengo into WABA, as well as send it to Klaviyo. In other words, the Trengo WhatsApp and Klaviyo integration is a "one-way street" that precludes enriching your Klaviyo leads with their WhatsApp activities. This prevents the all-important segmentation and analysis of:

  • Email User Cohorts
  • Email & WhatsApp User Cohorts
  • WhatsApp User Cohorts

in Klaviyo is unfortunately made impossible. However, due to the high pricing of the WhatsApp Business API this is indispensable to use WhatsApp efficiently as a marketing communication channel and to minimize cannibalization with email as a marketing channel as much as possible.

Therefore, the Trengo Klaviyo Integration for D2C Brands in eCommerce unfortunately does not deliver what it promises. We can't recommend Trengo to lovebrands that use Klaviyo as a "source of truth", main CRM or "CDP" (Customer Data Panel).

On the one hand, it's a shame because it's a missed opportunity. On the other hand, it's great for because it reveals a gap in the market that we are happy to fill. You can see how are clients make use of our solution here.

Trengo offers a lot of integrations, WhatsApp Business API is one of them.

Trengo Klaviyo Integration for eCommerce

The Trengo Klaviyo integration for eCommerce is perfectly fine to start with. But don't forget that your CRM game will take off in eCommerce if you are also enabled to do the following through your WhatsApp marketing tool:

  • Cohort analysis 30 days after purchase
  • Cohort analysis 60 days after purchase
  • Cohort analysis 90 days after purchase
  • New Revenue: Retention Revenue Analysis
  • Repurchase rate after first, second. Purchase
  • Cohort analysis by products, AOV and CLTV

Now, when purchases happen via WhatsApp, or customers convert through a CTA in your WhatsApp campaign, this tracking is lost on conditional pages. This critical event, which theoretically happens in the Trengo WhatsApp Business API, is not communicated to your Klaviyo dashboard.

Tracking is lost, attribution is diluted, over-attribution happens at many different levels. This is something to avoid.

Chatarmin, to our knowledge, is the only WhatsApp marketing tool that offers these critical WhatsApp marketing features for eCommerce D2C Brands with Klaviyo&Shopify techstack. You can find examples for that in our Klavyio WhatsApp Integration Blogpost](

Conclusion: Chatarmin is the better Trengo WhatsApp for eCommerce.

If you're already using Trengo for multi-messenger customer support anyway, feel free to test out the WhatsApp integration. Migrating your WABA from Trengo WhatsApp Business API will take less than two days, you can keep both your number, your WABA Quality Rating, Green Tick and co.

However, please don't expect the Trengo Klaviyo integration to be your serious WhatsApp eCommerce tool. It won't, Trengo serves far too many different companies from a wide range of industries for that. Again, these bring the most diverse tech stacks to the table. So the Klaviyo focus that we can see Chatarmin displaying is sadly lacking.

If you'd like to discuss the Trengo WhatsApp solution or check out Chatarmin as a Trengo WhatsApp alternative, feel free to book your 25-minute WhatsApp marketing sparring session here:

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