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hello mateo alternative: Chatarmin or Mateo WhatsApp tool?

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By Johannes Mansbart


Updated on January 06, 2024

WhatsApp Market Comparison

hello mateo alternative: Chatarmin or Mateo WhatsApp tool?

"hello mateo" is a multi-messenger startup from Berlin founded in 2021. According to the Mateo company's LinkedIn account, the company now has 26 employees, over 700 customers and has completed several rounds of financing.

Here you can see the comparison between Mateo and the hello mateo alternative Chatarmin:

Year of foundation20212022
Company headquartersBerlinVienna
Number of employees263
Investment amount€??

As a Mateo alternative, Chatarmin has developed far-reaching WhatsApp marketing functions in a very short space of time. While the Berlin colleagues serve over 30 industries, Chatarmin has not only established itself as a hello mateo alternative in eCommerce, but has also developed more far-reaching features as a serious alternative to hello mateo.

hello mateo alternative Chatarmin is cheaper than Hello Mateo

hello mateo was founded in Berlin in 2021 and is a standard support tool for SMEs, source Mateo, 2024

In this blog post you will read everything you need to know about Mateo and understand why you should choose the hello mateo alternative Chatarmin for your WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp marketing features: hello mateo alternative Chatarmin triumphs

Mateo with the hello mateo alternative Chatarmin in a direct feature comparison:

Min. monthly costs€79.00+€82.00+
Additional costs/conversation€0.00€0.00
WhatsApp flowbuilder included
Custom WhatsApp Automations included
WhatsApp ChatGPT integration
Shared Slack Connect Channel
WhatsApp revenue participation costs€?
Costs/additional support agents€5.00
Modern and user-friendly UI/UX
Shopify integration
Shopware Integration
Klaviyo integration
Flexible contract terms
monthly cancelable
Zapier integration
API connectivity

So you see in comparison between Chatarmin and hello mateo:

  • more native integrations with your tech stack at Chatarmin
  • only "one Zapier/API connection for everything" with Mateo
  • flexible contract terms that can be terminated monthly with Chatarmin
  • same costs with the hello mateo alternative
  • greater WhatsApp marketing focus in product development at Chatarmin
  • Mateo is clearly a multi-messenger support tool, but not a marketing tool
  • no Shopify, Shopware, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Omnisend integration at Mateo
  • Gorgias, zendesk and Freshdesk integrations with Chatarmin

Depending on your needs, we recommend our own solution Chatarmin as a hello mateo alternative for WhatsApp marketing.

If you are looking for an alternative to Mateo for your WhatsApp marketing, you should consider Chatarmin.

hello mateo alternative Chatarmin offers flow builder and WhatsApp newsletter from €82.00 while Mateo does not or only from €239.00, source: Mateo, 2024

Chatarmin specializes in highly digital industries such as eCommerce, while Mateo serves all industries from car dealerships to hotels with a "one size fits all" multi-messenger support tool.

hello mateo alternative: Prices at Chatarmin

Chatarmin and Mateo in a price comparison. We have to give our colleagues from Berlin credit for the fact that - just like Chatarmin - they do not charge any surcharges on top of the already quite high WhatsApp costs of the WhatsApp Business Platform.

The direct price comparison between Mateo and the hello Mateo alternative Chatarmin looks like this:

Free package
Cheapest Pro package / month€79.00€82.00
Cheapest package with WhatsApp newsletter tool€239.00+ (Enterprise)€82.00 +
AI chatbot with ChatGPT integration

We will save you a calculation example at this point, as the prices of Mateo and Chatarmin are very similar. So you can choose between the Berlin colleagues and the Viennese hello mateo alternative with a clear conscience, and you won't be making any major compromises.

Mateo's packages do not include a WhatsApp flow builder, choose the hello mateo alternative Chatarmin

The pricing of Mateo, source: Mateo, 2024

The fact is, Chatarmin offers more flexible terms from one month as a hello mateo alternative. The integration options with ChatGPT and eCommerce-Techstack offer more specialized use cases than with the "0-8-15 software" Mateo, which offers a suitable solution for every small and medium-sized business, from car dealerships to hairdressers.

Do not choose Chatarmin as a hello Mateo alternative if

In these cases, you should not choose Chatarmin as your Hello Mateo alternative:

  • You need a multi-messenger interface and have less than 250 customer requests/month
  • You don't need integrations with your usual system landscape
  • WhatsApp marketing plays a subordinate role for you
  • You don't need any segmentation options
  • You don't need automations and a flow builder
  • You just want to serve all support channels in one interface

Mateo is a good solution for small companies that need an overview of support requests on multiple channels.

For digital companies that want to scale and run professional WhatsApp marketing, there is no way around Chatarmin as the number one hello mateo alternative.

Choose Chatarmin as your hello mateo alternative if

Chatarmin is your ideal alternative to Mateo if you:

  • have over 250 customer inquiries per month
  • you need integration with other system landscapes and software
  • you want to operate and set up a far-reaching WhatsApp flow builder
  • you want to scale WhatsApp marketing
  • you have a multi-member CRM or marketing team
  • you already generate more than €500,000.00 in annual digital sales in B2C/D2C

In the above cases, we consider it negligent not to use a tool specialized in WhatsApp Marketing such as Chatarmin.

In these cases, Chatarmin is your perfect hello mateo alternative that better fits the needs of your CRM and marketing activities. Especially for eCommerce WhatsApp Marketing, Chatarmin is currently establishing itself as the most popular WhatsApp software.

Ratings on platforms such as OMR Reviews: hello mateo alternative Chatarmin triumphs

Chatarmin is the best-rated WhatsApp marketing tool in Q1 2024. As a hello mateo alternative, Chatarmin has the following ratings:

OMR CriterionMateoChatarmin
User friendliness9.009.60
Customer support9.8010.00
Fulfillment of requirements9.709.70
Simple setup8.609.30

So Mateo customers are also very satisfied with their product and we must and want to express our praise for our Berlin colleagues here.

We are even considering suggesting the hello mateo alternative to Chatarmin to small and medium-sized businesses if Chatarmin is too sophisticated or too digital a product to serve the basic needs of your support and marketing activities.

Conclusion: hello mateo alternative Chatarmin compared to Mateo

Here is the comparison where Chatarmin comes out on top as the best hello mateo alternative:

Customer ratings9.609.80
WhatsApp newsletter in every package
WhatsApp automations
System integrations
Zapier integration
WhatsApp marketing focus
GDPR compliance
Local server locations

If you are only looking for a support solution for multi-messenger inboxes, we can recommend hello mateo as a solid solution with a clear conscience. If you have higher volumes to serve, run a D2C or B2C digital business, or would like to scale WhatsApp marketing, then we can recommend Chatarmin as the most up-and-coming WhatsApp marketing tool and clear number one hello mateo alternative.

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