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Green tick on WhatsApp: how to get a verified WhatsApp Business account [step-by-step guide!]

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By Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder,

Last updated at: June 13, 2024

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☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • Green Checkmark Significance: The green checkmark on WhatsApp signifies a verified business account, indicating that Meta has authenticated the company's online presence, similar to the blue badge verification on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
  • Verification Requirements: To obtain a green checkmark, businesses must be well-known, have a verified Meta Business Suite with a proven track record, and submit a formal request for verification.
  • Verification Process: The process involves accessing the WhatsApp Manager in the Meta Business Suite, selecting the relevant WhatsApp Business Account, confirming two-factor authentication, and submitting the verification request with supporting documents.
  • Benefits of Verification: Verified accounts gain customer trust, higher messaging limits, and a better brand appearance, while non-verified accounts face challenges like lower trust and unprofessional appearance.

What does the green tick on WhatsApp mean? If you see a green tick - a so-called "verification badge" - next to the name of a contact in your WhatsApp chat, META has verified the authenticity of this company's website. This is the official explanation for a verified WhatsApp account with a green tick.

waterdrop® is one of the few companies in the DACH region with a verified WhatsApp Business account with a green tick

The green tick on WhatsApp is coveted by companies that want to do WhatsApp marketing. waterdrop® was one of the first DACH brands with a verified WhatsApp Business account.

In this article you can read how to get a green tick, who already has a verified WhatsApp Business account and what you need to do to get the coveted "green tick".

What is the green tick on WhatsApp anyway?

Every company wants a verified business account on its social media channels. On Instagram, the "Blue Badge" is standard and gives authority and more engagement.

Blue Badge Verification on Instagram existed before a verified WhatsApp Business Account

Blue badge verification has long been standard on Instagram, and the green tick for verification is now also available on WhatsApp.

Twitter also introduced "blue tick verification" in mid-2023 and the whole thing is now even an issue on GMail.

Even Google nowadays offers a blue badge verification for better mail authority and inbox delivery

Get a green tick on WhatsApp - here's how! The "Blue Badge" is now also widely used on GMail.

Since the beginning of 2023, it has also been possible to obtain the coveted green tick on WhatsApp. Find out how in this blog post. ATTENTION: "META verified" is coming soon, making it even easier for companies to apply for and receive WhatsApp verification with a green tick.

Requirements for the green tick on WhatsApp: what you need to bring with you

To date, there is no conclusive explanation as to why exactly some companies receive a green tick on WhatsApp and some do not. The fact is that META specifies the following criteria for receiving a green tick on WhatsApp:

  • Relevance: The company must be "well-known" and "relevant" as well as "known to a broad section of the population"
  • Verified META Business Suite: The company's "Facebook Business Manager" must already have a certain "track record" in the form of ad spend or similar. Incidentally, this is also an important criterion for the messaging limit and quality rating of your WABA
  • Applying for the Green Tick: The fact is, nothing works without applying for the Green Tick on WhatsApp. Below we explain how you can apply for your WhatsApp Green Badge.

If you fulfil the first two conditions, there is a good chance that your WhatsApp account will be verified the first time you apply. If you do not fulfil these criteria, you may have to apply for WhatsApp verification with a green badge several times after 30 days.

Verifizierter WhatsApp Business Account von Smilodox

green-tick-verified Smilodox WhatsApp-Account, powered by Chatarmin

The three phases of WhatsApp verification

In principle, there are three potential categorisations of your WhatsApp Business account.These are shown in the following graphic:

Display name yes or no, green tick yes or no, that's the question here in the WhatsApp Business account

Some WhatsApp Business accounts have a display name, some have verification with a green tick.

  • No display name: Like the young lifestyle startup "EEVA RIA", your company may not only have to start on WhatsApp without a green tick, but even without a display name altogether. In this case, only your WhatsApp phone number will appear in the chat for your contacts until they have saved your number. However, your company's WhatsApp profile name will already appear in the profile.
  • Display name, but no verification: This is what most WhatsApp Business accounts look like at first.You will see the "Username Display" but no green tick for verification. This is usually just a short application away.
  • (Immediate) Verified WhatsApp account with green tick: Some companies have such a highly qualified META Ads account that an immediate "green tick verification" is given. This is often the case with well-known and large companies.
Number displayDisplay nameGreen tick verified
Conversations/24h to Upgrade2x 1k2x 10k
AppearanceNumberDisplay-NameGreen Tick

Based on quality and engagement, measured as Opening Rates, Click Through Rates, Delivery Rate und Blocks, your WhatsApp Business Account Quality-Rating will vary

If you would like us to help you verify your company on WhatsApp, you are welcome to book your WhatsApp consultation with us:

Johannes Mansbart

Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder

Step-by-step guide to the green WhatsApp tick for your company [guaranteed verification!]

How to get guaranteed verification of your WhatsApp business account, even with a green tick next to your display name:

1. visit "Accounts" in your META Business Suite and select "WhatsApp Accounts "

Now you are in the detailed view of your "WhatsApp App", which is based on the WhatsApp API ("WhatsApp Business Platform") together with Chatarmin your "WhatsApp Setup". Click on "WhatsApp Manager" here. As you can see in the following graphic:

Go to "WhatsApp Accounts" in your META Business Suite and then to "WhatsApp Manager" to verify your company account

You will get the green tick on WhatsApp in the "WhatsApp Manager" of the META Business Suite, Chatarmin 2023

2. click on the relevant WABA in the "WhatsApp Manager" to request your verification

You can register up to five WhatsApp Business accounts with up to five different phone numbers in your META Business Suite. In the WhatsApp Manager, you must therefore select the correct WABA for which you want to apply for WhatsApp verification with a green tick.

Select the correct WABA to apply for verification with a green tick on WhatsApp

Request verification of your WABA with green tick in your WhatsApp manager in the META Business Suite.

3. confirm the 2-factor authentication to gain access to your WhatsApp account

To make changes to your WhatsApp Business account, you must be granted access via 2FA. This is the only way to apply for verification of your WhatsApp account with a green tick.

Apply for verification of your green tick on WhatsApp in the WhatsApp Manager

WhatsApp Green Tick Step Three: Complete 2-factor authentication to request changes to your WABA. This also applies to name changes and changes to information in your WhatsApp business profile.

4. click "Submit Request" to request the green tick including WhatsApp verification in the WhatsApp Manager

As you can see in the graphic below, you are just one click away from requesting your WhatsApp verification, including the green tick next to your WhatsApp display name. To apply, you may need to provide

  • your extract from the commercial register
  • Television, newspaper or blog articles
  • Other "proof of relevance" in the form of publications or social media accounts

are required. Of course, we will be happy to help you with this too and you can benefit from the wealth of WhatsApp verification experience of our Chatarmin Customer Success Team.

Click "submit request" to request the green tick verification of your WABA in the WhatsApp Manager

You will receive the green tick on WhatsApp via "Request submit" in the WhatsApp Manager in your META Busines Suite.You may need to submit documents and publications about your company that substantiate its relevance and appeal.

Please don't be impressed by these steps. Many companies now have a verified WhatsApp account with a green tick, so your chances are good too. Even if you don't yet have a 7, 8 or 9-digit annual turnover, like Chatarmin customers PAUL VALENTINE, Smilodox or waterdrop®

The advantages and disadvantages of a green tick on WhatsApp

Here you will find a table comparing the pros and cons of the verification status of your WhatsApp Business account:

Account TypeProsCons
Green Badge VerificationAuthenticated Verified AccountOnly via WhatsApp Business Platform
Display nameCompany name in chatnot everyone gets the feature
Number displayEveryone gets itUntrustworthy appearance towards customers

As you can see, the only disadvantage of the higher verification level of your WhatsApp business account is the difficulty in accessing it. In principle, this becomes self-evident the higher your messaging volumes become. We at Chatarmin naturally help our customers to scale their WhatsApp accounts on a daily basis, and thus also with verification and obtaining a green tick for verification of the WhatsApp account.

Advantages of a green tick on WhatsApp

The advantages of a verified WhatsApp account with "name display" or "green badge verification" are as follows:

  • More trust with the end customer
  • Higher messaging limits
  • Higher quality rating of the WABA
  • Better brand image
  • the customer knows immediately who they are communicating with
  • the customer does not have to save your account

We proactively support each of our customers to achieve the highest possible messaging and quality rating and verification status, but we also warn them not to let this stop them from scaling. Because only if your WhatsApp Business account scales and has sufficient activity will your chances of verification and a green tick in WhatsApp increase.

Even if your verification is rejected, you can request it again after 30 days. The Chatarmin team in the Slack Connect channel with customers also provides significant support here.

Customers such as Wholey, Spacies and Co. have started to scale up despite "Numbers-Display-only" and have successfully realised WhatsApp cases. Customers who are deterred from getting started are leaving valuable leads and additional revenue lying around unnecessarily.

Disadvantages of running a non-verified WhatsApp business account

If your WhatsApp account does not yet have verification with a green tick or name display, you have the following disadvantages:

  • Less trust from end customers
  • with "numbers-only display", your customers should save your account
  • Unprofessional appearance on WhatsApp
  • Lower quality limits
  • higher fluctuation in the quality limits
  • Low conversation volumes that hinder scaling

Don't know what "quality limits" or "conversation volume" mean, or have other questions about verifying your WhatsApp account? Or would you like to chat to us about GDPR-compliant and scalable WhatsApp communication in general? Sign up for the diary of our team members:

Johannes Mansbart

Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder

Conclusion: Verified green tick on WhatsApp: The summary of company verification on WhatsApp

In principle, we apply for verification and the green tick for the company account on WhatsApp for each of our customers. The advantages of your verification are

  • Higher quality limit for conversations and scaling
  • Trust with the end customer
  • Instant branding in the chat
  • Higher communication volume of your WABA

There are virtually no disadvantages compared to the two previous stages:

  • "Numbers display" where only the phone number of your company WABA is displayed
  • "Screen name display" where only the name of your company WABA is displayed in the chat and in the chat overview

You can verify your WhatsApp company account with a green tick by following the four steps below:

  1. Log in to your META Business Suite and go to “Accounts” and “WhatsApp Accounts”
  2. Click on “WhatsApp Manager”
  3. confirm the 2-factor authentication using the phone number of your WhatsApp Business account
  4. click "Submit Request" and provide documents and sources to prove the authority and the size and relevance of your company

If the green tick verification on WhatsApp doesn't work straight away, that's no problem. Keep scaling your WABA and simply try again after 30 days with a higher chance of success.

We at Chatarmin look forward to supporting you on your WhatsApp journey.

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