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WhatsApp strategy: how to make your WhatsApp marketing a success

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By Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder,

Last updated at: June 13, 2024

WhatsApp Strategy

☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • WhatsApp Lead Generation: WhatsApp can generate 50% more leads than traditional email pop-ups for mobile traffic due to easier opt-ins and faster interactions.
  • Lead Enrichment: Using WhatsApp in the welcome flow enhances lead generation by offering immediate rewards and optimizing conversion rates. Integration with platforms like Klaviyo ensures data synchronization.
  • Segmentation with Integrations: Chatarmin's integration with Shopify and Klaviyo allows for advanced segmentation based on purchase history and email behavior, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Retention Marketing: Combining email and WhatsApp strategies boosts retention efforts, leveraging platforms like Klaviyo as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for cohort analysis and CLTV improvement.

You are thinking about starting with WhatsApp marketing, but you are still missing the WhatsApp strategy? You've already started with WhatsApp marketing, but you're not satisfied and you're thinking about new WhatsApp strategies? No matter what brought you here, this blog post will definitely give you inspiration to find the right WhatsApp strategy for you.

In the following video, I explain the most important differences and similarities between email and WhatsApp, and explain how WhatsApp marketing works in just 8 minutes:

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Source: Chatarmin, Q2 2024

Right off the bat, here are more valuable Chatarmin resources for you, on your way to finding the ideal WhatsApp strategy. Simply because you don't have enough browser windows open yet:

This gives you a direct overview of best practices, costs, levers for new customer acquisition and retention marketing strategies: All this to find your ideal WhatsApp strategy.

If you haven't had enough yet, book your free WhatsApp Consultancy and #teamarmin will help you achieve WhatsApp marketing success:

Johannes Mansbart

Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder

WhatsApp Strategy #1: mobiles WhatsApp Popup instead of Email

It's always a crucial question: Do I dedicate my WhatsApp marketing strategy to new customer acquisition, or retention marketing, or both? The fact is, you can generate 50% more leads through WhatsApp than through traditional email pop-up leads. This is true for mobile traffic:

Mobile Leadgen works 50% better then E-Mail.

These are the reasons for the 50% better mobile lead gen rate via WhatsApp:

-One-Click Leadgen: via WhatsApp you don't have to fill out a tedious form. One click and poof, you're in a WhatsApp chat with your favourite brand. -Quick double opt-in in WhatsApp: Approximately 15-25% of your email leads are lost due to double opt-in. This has to do with spam filters, inbox issues, delivery rates and opening rates with the ailing marketing channel of email. WhatsApp marketing does not have all these problems -Instant Lead Enrichment: Millisecond efficiency not only guarantees an interactive experience with instant rewards for the user, no, it also enables much faster lead generation and thus retargeting and additional touchpoints. You don't have the CVR dropoff of longer welcome journeys with WhatsApp. Asking for surveys, collecting content or giving the user more data is 10x easier via WhatsApp than via email.

Welcome to the Metaflow WhatsApp Newsletter presented by Chatarmin.

Metaflow WhatsApp Delay Popup for Mobile Traffic.

50% of eCommerce traffic takes place via mobile devices since 2014, this has hardly changed in the last 10 years. What has added, however, is that over 80% of eCommerce shoppers have at least one mobile touchpoint along their User Journey.

So mobile traffic and mobile optimisation of your website is 100% an essential factor to boost your conversion rate and lead gen efficiency. WhatsApp helps you with this.

WhatsApp Strategy #2: Lead Enrichment in the Welcome Flow

While our customer Klosterkitchen is so cheeky and only gives away his welcome discount when you have entered your email address, our lead enrichment best practice looks like this. This, by the way, is in line with the oft-cited "psychological belief" of reciprocity, first described in 1984 by Robert B. Cialdini. So you give before you ask, and not vice versa:

waterdrop® scales its mobile lead gen via WhatsApp popup, which leads to 50% more leads than via email..

waterdrop® Welcome-Journey according to the principle of reciprocity

This way the customer gets his reward immediately and waterdrop® has 100% eyeballs on the offer. The conversion rate is optimised, and the customer is grateful afterwards and gladly enters his email. This side effect increases the lead enrichment factor, and thanks to Chatarmins Klaviyo Integration the contact is immediately synchronised with Klaviyo as CDP and CRM source-of-truth.

See here how you can collect data such as birthdays or anniversaries in lead enrichment and then use them as triggers for hyper-personalized WhatsApp flows:

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Source: Chatarmin, Q2 2024

WhatsApp strategy #3: Segmentation with Shopify and Klaviyo WhatsApp integration.

Through Chatarmin's Chatarmins Shopify & Klaviyo Integration, segments can be created that take into account your database's Shopify Purchase History as well as your customers' email behaviour thanks to Klaviyo syncing. This allows you to:

-Segmentation thanks to Shopify Purchase Recency and CLTV: -Create segments that take into account the value of your customers. Use them for campaigns and if/else splits in flows. -Segmentations thanks to Klaviyo Sync: Take email behaviour into account and send your customers tailored offers depending on whether they have already read or clicked on the corresponding emails. -Trigger retargeting automations according to Shopify or Klaviyo event or webhook: With Chatarmin's variable API flow triggers, which can be triggered on Shopify and Klaviyo (in-flow) webhooks as well as Klaviyo standard and custom events, you can retarget your email campaigns via WhatsApp in a scalable, DSGVO-compliant and segmented way.

Step-by-step Guide how to enrich a cold lead with klaviyo activity through Chatarmin

Cold Lead to Klaviyo Lead Conversion by Chatarmin

How to succeed in your retention marketing wet dream:

-Email first Approach -WhatsApp second approach -Email and WhatsApp in interaction -Klaviyo as CDP and Source of Truth -Cohort analyses in Klaviyo: Identify the incremental added value thanks to CLTV-uplift of your WhatsApp-only or WhatsApp&Email customer cohorts

Thanks to these three unknown levers, you can elevate your WhatsApp strategy to new heights. 8-9 figure Shopify brands like Klosterkitchen, waterdrop®, Bitterliebe or Metaflow use Chatarmin's WhatsApp marketing tool and secret WhatsApp marketing strategies to create the most professional and sophisticated retention marketing in the world.

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