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WhatsApp Marketing Software: The right software for WhatsApp Marketing

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By Johannes Mansbart


Updated on November 28, 2023

WhatsApp Market Comparison

WhatsApp Marketing Software: The right software for WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is being used by over two billion people worldwide. META expects millions of businesses to use WhatsApp as their main channel of communication with their customers, and stakeholders, until 2025. In order to scale your WhatsApp communication in a GDPR-compliant way, there is no way around using a WhatsApp Marketing software, that builds upon the WhatsApp Business Platform. The right software for your WhatsApp Marketing: That’s what we seek to find in this blog post.

2023 ist der perfekte Moment um WhatsApp Marketing zu beginnen.

Now is the right moment macro-strategically in order to start scaling your WhatsApp Marketing efforts, using the right WhatsApp Marketing software

WhatsApp Marketing Advantages: What even makes you look for the right software for WhatsApp Marketing

The benefits are clear. WhatsApp one-to-one communication offers fantastic KPI’s such as Opening Rates of up to 100%, click through rates of up to 40%, and conversion rates of up to 20%. Here are the key reasons why you are looking for a WhatsApp Marketing Software:

  • Fantastic WhatsApp Marketing KPI’s: WhatsApp Marketing KPI’s are unmatched, and therefore should be part of your retention marketing mix and overall marketing strategy
  • Trackability and Analysis: The right WhatsApp Marketing Software lets you analyze your WhatsApp Marketing KPI’s such as opening rates, click through rates, revenue, abandoned carts recovered, and more. Other channels such as print don’t offer anywhere near close to such data transparency
  • Integrations with other API’s: The right WhatsApp Marketing Software enables you to integrate your native techstack to an extent, that you get full transparency over your WhatsApp Marketing efforts, and scale them accordingly, hand in hand with the rest of your Marketing Strategy and MarTech Stack, such as Shopify & Klaviyo for our D2C eCommerce brands clients
  • Personalization: WhatsApp is a very private channel, so make sure you use a software for WhatsApp Marketing that enables you to trigger automations on custom events such as your clients’ birthdays, to enable (hyper-)personalization to maximize your WhatsApp Marketing ROI

Bilde Shopify WhatsApp Marketing entlang der gesamten User Journey ab.

Make sure your WhatsApp Marketing Software enables you to integrate WhatsApp into each step of your customers' user journeys, just like Chatarmin does

As you can see, WhatsApp Marketing offers unique perks and benefits, that can leverage your Marketing efforts to a whole new level. Just make sure you use the right WhatsApp Marketing Software that fulfills all your needs and expectations to scale without experiencing any bottlenecks arising from your software for WhatsApp Marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing Disadvantages

Obviously the grass is always greener on the other side. Every single marketing channel has its upsides and downsides, so does WhatsApp Marketing. Even though you can limit and minimize those using the right software for WhatsApp Marketing, still you should be aware of those disadvantages that WhatsApp Marketing brings to your digital marketing:

  • API limitations: Obviously, the whole concept of WhatsApp Marketing builds upon the WhatsApp Business Platform, which is the official name for the “WhatsApp API”. So, naturally, your WhatsApp Marketing Software will encounter limitations arising from the nature of the WhatsApp Business Platform itself. Surely, there is workarounds and you can build a lot of cool things, just like we at Chatarmin do. However, limits to your WhatsApp Marketing phantasies do exist for every WhatsApp Marketing Software
  • Onboarding experience: In order to create your WABA (“WhatsApp Business Account”), you will need to provide a sim card (“phone number”), an official company registration, a Facebook business account, and maybe some more additional stuff. This shies away some marketing peeps of initially testing out the wonderful magic world of WhatsApp Marketing, starting to work with a software for WhatsApp Marketing in the first place
  • costs of the WhatsApp Business Platform: Unlike Email, WhatsApp Marketing is a costly adventure, similar to how SMS is regulated. Usage costs, that means you need to choose your use cases wisely, in order to scale WhatsApp Marketing scalably. Make sure you use a WhatsApp Marketing Software that allows you to scale profitably by offering a flexible, transparente and fair pricing. Just like we at Chatarmin try to do it.

Overall, those are the key limitations of WhatsApp Marketing. You will generally experience those, no matter which WhatsApp Marketing Software you choose, However, if you do opt wisely and find the right software for your WhatsApp Marketing, it has the potential to become a huge success.

WhatsApp Marketing costs are usually calculated in an extensive way so you can choose the right WhatsApp Marketing software

See what it looks like when we at Chatarmin directly pitch against other WhatsApp Marketing Software companies, to help you find the right software for WhatsApp Marketing

Key features to look for in your WhatsApp software

Depending on the industry you work in, your expectations towards the right software for WhatsApp Marketing will vary. So, let’s try to keep this generic, before we give you another checklist about our main use case, D2C eCommerce Brands with a Shopify & Klaviyo Techstack:

  • CRM Integrations: Due to the costs of the WhatsApp Business Platform, you will want 100% WhatsApp activity transparency in your CDP, which acts as your source of truth, which will most likely be your CRM such as hubspot, pipedrive, salesforce, klaviyo, and others
  • Shop Integratoins: If you do use an online shop and try to find the right software for WhatsApp Marketing, make sure it has your online shop system integrated. Trigger abandoned carts, track UTM links and discount code revenue and profitability. You should not shortcut the quest for the right WhatsApp Marketing Software when it comes to tracking your online business success
  • UI/UX: Make sure your WhatsApp Marketing Software is beautiful and easy-to-use. We have seen a nightmare of UI/UX experiences, so make sure you check the market well before committing to the right software for your WhatsApp Marketing
  • transparent pricing: There is too much going on with pricing. Many B2B SaaS companies don’t even disclose their pricings transparently, others such as zoko hide them in a very smart way. Make sure your WhatsApp Marketing software tells you what you need to pay, and when. Don’t commit too long so you avoid a bad surprise later on. ist dein WhatsApp Marketing Tool mit Shopify Integration

We at Chatarmin try to offer the unique WhatsApp-Marketing-Software-mix of a transparent and fair pricing, modern UI/UX, API integrations and monthly contracts

We at Chatarmin try to be a10/10 on key features for WhatsApp Marketing Software. Make sure you choose a software for WhatsApp Marketing, that has your systems landscape integrated, as well as is transparently priced in a reasonable way, and offers a modern and unique UI/UX experience for you and your WhatsApp Marketing Team.

market comparison

Before you get lost in the huge ocean of WhatsApp Marketing software options, here is your shortcut checklist. Comparing the most popular software for WhatsApp Marketing, so you don’t have to anymore:

Price/MonthPremium/ConversationAPISupport CaseMarketing CaseMulti-Messenger€99,00+
Sinch Engage€199,00+

Read more about our extensive WhatsApp Marketing review blog-post here.

your needs

What expectations do you have towards your WhatsApp Marketing Software? Do you just need some basic automations and a campaign-send-feature? In that case, you will hopefully find a cheap basic solution just like our Chatarmin “Starter” Package, which starts at €99,00. If you are looking for custom solutions and an extensive WhatsApp Marketing Software Suite, book your free 25min consultancy with our Senior Solution Success Manager Amor Ikotic here:

Amor will help you find the right WhatsApp marketing software, so you can make the right decision on choosing YOUR personal software for WhatsApp Marketing.

Let us help you find your personal WhatsApp Marketing Software

We hope this article helps you decide what and where to look for your personally ideal WhatsApp Marketing software. If all of what you just read sounds super reasonable to you, give Chatarmin a shot as the software for your WhatsApp Marketing.

Just book your call with Amor above, or me, founder of Chatarmin, Johannes Mansbart, here, and let us consult you on your first and next WhatsApp Marketings, equipped with the right WhatsApp Marketing software that perfectly suits your needs:

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