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The seven best WhatsApp Marketing Agencies in the DACH region [2024!]

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By Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder,

Last updated at: June 13, 2024

WhatsApp Market Comparison

☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • Mailody is highly professional and excels in both email and WhatsApp marketing.
  • ondevi has excellent references and a hands-on approach.
  • is known for technological excellence in email and WhatsApp campaigns.
  • offers flexible contract terms and a holistic approach to Retention Marketing.

In this post, we highlight the seven best WhatsApp marketing agencies in the DACH region. The launch of the WhatsApp Business API in February 2022 made GDPR-compliant and scalable WhatsApp marketing possible. In this article, we show you the seven most professional and experienced WhatsApp marketing agencies in our latitudes.

We at have sat down with over 100 marketing agencies over the last two years to talk about WhatsApp marketing. This has allowed us to gather a lot of experience and build exciting business relationships. We are confident that this has given us a good overview of the scene. At the same time, we have heard the eCommerce scene's desire to find the right partners to potentially outsource WhatsApp marketing operationally.

At the same time, we would like to point out that this blog post is based on subjective experiences from the last 18 months in this field and is by no means intended to give a complete picture or an objective overview of the entire European or DACH WhatsApp marketing environment. It's a small and young field, and we try our best to know everything, but it will simply never be possible to cover everything and everyone here on a day-to-day basis.

Especially in the beginning, WhatsApp marketing is a science and a new (retention) marketing channel is a challenge. Budgets and resources are already tight and professional help is needed. That's why we're working on finding the best WhatsApp marketing agency in the DACH region. And we hope that this blog post will give you a good overview.

WhatsApp marketing agencies help you operationally with the implementation of your WhatsApp marketing strategy

The criteria for selecting the best German WhatsApp marketing agency is your WhatsApp CRM, and has been since 2022. We have worked with many different WhatsApp marketing agencies over the past months and years, and have made a lot of intros for our customers and partners.

In our ranking, we focus on three key factors: professionalism, track record and price/performance. This results in a respective "agency score", which we summarize in a table below. This allows you to decide for yourself which partner is best suited to you and your company.

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Johannes Mansbart

Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder

not included: WhatsApp Ads performance agencies

We are not including performance agencies with WhatsApp ads in this post. We know that the German performance agency Jakob Strehlow has experience with scaling one or the other, see here. Also, brands like waterdrop® and others are looking more and more for cheaper CLTVs through shorter conversion funnels by driving their ad traffic directly into their WhatsApp channels, via chatstart link CTAs. However, this is not the focus of this blog, read more about WhatsApp ads here.

WhatsApp serves as a retention channel by uplifting your clients' CLTV's incrementally.

Most of the agencies mentioned are a Klaviyo agency or Emarsys agency, as these are the most common email marketing tools used by Chatarmin customers. It is in this area that we have gained the most intensive and reliable experience with WhatsApp marketing agencies over the last few years.

We have left pure WhatsApp marketing agencies out of the ranking, as we trust them with "product market fit". WhatsApp marketing remains in second place among retention marketing channels, and usually generates between 10% and 25% of email marketing revenue from Chatarmin customers. Accordingly, we do not consider the approach of pure "WhatsApp marketing agencies" to be holistic and target-oriented enough to be able to recommend these clients in good conscience.

Checkout how a WhatsApp Marketing setup based on an E-commerce case integrated with Chatarmin's Shopify WhatsApp integration and Klaviyo integration looks like:

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To preface the ranking we want to highlight how we imagine the perfect agency setup to look like in this video

The seven best WhatsApp marketing agencies at a glance

Seventh place: Ecom Retention

Felix Ehold and his small team are pioneers in the scene and early adopters in the field of WhatsApp marketing. His clients include wholey®, Tierseelen and holy s*hocolate. Felix has achieved remarkable results and collaborated with via a joint Slack Connect channel.

Unfortunately, Felix Ehold is currently focusing more on his main agency, the Ecom Offensive. Here they have been successfully scaling Ecom customers via paid media for three years and offer their services from very low retainers of €1,500.00 to €2,500.00 per month.

In addition, there is a percentage share of the ROAS. Even if this is a fair way of billing - as the service providers are also better remunerated if the result is higher - D2C Brands must be careful here, as such participations can develop into very high payments. Especially if you are aiming for long-term partnerships.

D2C brands must therefore be careful to either cap them or include certain attribution logic in their contracts. This aspect also applies to Florian Kaiser's "inbox-marketing", which we ranked third among the best WhatsApp marketing agencies in German-speaking countries in this blog post.

Advantages of the WhatsApp marketing agency Ecom Retention:

  • Pioneer and "early adopter" in the field of "WhatsApp marketing"
  • Experienced WhatsApp marketing agency
  • Low fixed costs
  • Shared interests through percentage growth shares

Disadvantages of the WhatsApp marketing agency Ecom Retention:

  • Little focus on WhatsApp and email marketing
  • Potentially exploding costs due to variable remuneration
  • Conflicts of interest due to short-term sales and hype events that can leave scorched earth on the retention side

To summarize, we can recommend working with Ecom Retention if you want a holistic WhatsApp marketing agency that can also handle your email or paid media. The communication channels with Felix and his team are extremely short, and we were impressed by Ecom Retention's hands-on mentality.

What we don't like is the potential focus on high short-term revenue without regard for branding and the "longterm game". We give Felix Ehold and Ecom Retention 3.5/5 points as a WhatsApp marketing agency.

Felix Ehold and Ecom Retention are one of the leading WhatsApp marketing agencies in the German-speaking world

Source: Ecom Retention

Sixth place: Marco Endres, Onlinegen

Marco Endres and his team of freelancers are your ideal one-man retention agency. Marco has years of experience in retention marketing and has also made a name for himself as a WhatsApp marketing agency during this time. Marco is from Teningen, but constantly travels the entire DACH region, both to attend events and to support his customers on site. These include Lotuscrafts and Papasplatz, both 7- and 8-digit Shopfiy stores with Klaviyo as their CRM. has integrated the aforementioned system landscapes, which makes sparring and cooperation with Marco Endres much easier, as this is precisely where his expertise lies. Marco also likes to focus on complex projects and products that require explanation.

Another advantage is that Marco already knows hello-charles as well as and can therefore draw direct comparisons. Marco knows, Loyaltylion and Omnisend, and is therefore your experienced retention marketing specialist.

Advantages of the WhatsApp marketing agency Onlinegen:

  • Hands-on mentality and direct collaboration with the founder
  • Focus on Shopify, Klaviyo & Omnisend tech stack
  • Extensive experience of far-reaching retention marketing structures including email, WhatsApp and direct mailings as well as community and reputation management
  • Experience in scaling stores and brands in multiple languages and countries
  • Account audits from several hundred €

Disadvantages of the WhatsApp marketing agency Onlinegen:

  • Limited capacities due to very small structures
  • Waiting list to work directly with Marco Endres
  • Onlinegen cannot "grow" with your company, at some point the agency will probably become too small

To summarize, we can recommend working with Onlinegen above all to smaller structured D2C brands and CRM teams. If you want a holistic retention marketing agency that can also take over your email or direct mailing or reputation management with, you've come to the right place with Marco and his Onlinegen.

Just like with Felix Ehold and his team, the communication channels are extremely short and a joint Slack Connect channel is usually created with customers.

Unfortunately, Marco only has limited resources and capacities. So if you would like to work with this WhatsApp marketing agency, you should make an inquiry now or ask us at for an intro.

We give Marco Endres and his Onlinegen 4/5 points and sixth place in the ranking of the leading DACH WhatsApp marketing agencies.

Marco Endres and his Onlinegen run a leading WhatsApp marketing agency in the DACH region

Source: Onlinegen

Fifth place: More Conversions, Jakob Gerzen

Jakob Gerzen is undisputedly one of the best in the field of retention marketing and email marketing in the German-speaking D2C scene. The twelve-strong "More Conversions" team is a pioneer in email, postcard and WhatsApp marketing for the D2C DACH scene.

Jakob's track record is just as impressive as these lines. The long-term collaborations with leading D2C brands such as Athletic Greens, Rosental, livefresh, SNOCKS and others show just how high Jakob and his team are flying.

But why did More Conversions only end up in fifth place in the ranking of the best WhatsApp marketing agencies in the DACH D2C eCommerce scene?

The two reasons are simple:

  • More Conversions is only affordable with upscale pricing for absolute top brands that have already done their homework
  • More Conversions is exclusively under contract with hello-charles, and is even invested there. This leads to structural conflicts of interest in the choice of client tech stacks
  • during the due diligence of Chatarmin, we came across one or two critical voices regarding the price/performance of "More Conversions"

Here are the reasons why companies should put their retention and WhatsApp marketing in the hands of WhatsApp marketing agency More Conversions:

  • Holistic view of the big picture: as one of the few retention marketing agencies, More Conversions brings skills and experience in all areas of digital retention marketing: SMS, WhatsApp and email. Everything from a single source, done for you!
  • Impressive track record: More Conversions has made a name for itself as a retention marketing agency in the DACH region with successful email and WhatsApp campaigns for renowned brands such as buah.
  • Clear focus on a concentrated tech stack: Klaviyo, charles, mypostcard, but also Shopware, Woocom and custom stores. This enables a high degree of specialization and expertise for the retention and WhatsApp marketing of your online store
  • Own data analytics solution: DataX, which aims to holistically analyze all buyer data of your D2C brand
  • Custom integrations through our own in-house development capacity

These points of criticism should be taken into account when working with More Conversions:

  • In terms of value for money, More Conversions positions itself in the upper segment. This rules out cooperation with smaller brands, there should be plenty of budget.
  • Klaviyo-only: Migration of every customer to Klaviyo.
  • Exclusivity with hello-charles: No objective advice and approach to your WhatsApp marketing. The reason for this, according to Jakob, is that they "only recommend WhatsApp anyway from 8-figures upwards, as the CLV uplift for brands that are smaller does not justify the effort and cost"

To summarize, Jakob and his team are outstanding experts that we can recommend to large D2C brands based on an impeccable reputation and great references. When it comes to retention marketing, email marketing and/or WhatsApp marketing, More Conversions should always be on your list.

Due to the tool focus on hello-charles and Klaviyo, however, there are unfortunately deductions. As a result, More Conversions is only in fifth place in our ranking of the best WhatsApp marketing agencies in the DACH region.

Jakob Gerzen and More Conversions are a leading WhatsApp marketing agency in Germany

Source: Jakob Gerzen

Fourth place: Justin Burkert,

Justin Burkert and "" have earned themselves fourth place and thus the title of one of the best WhatsApp marketing agencies in Germany. Justin and his team look after clients such as Vaditim and Elevate and have built up an impressive "WhatsApp marketing track record" through the accounts of large and successful 7- to 8-digit D2C brands. In addition, calls itself a "retention agency", which speaks to the holistic understanding of the role.

Founder Justin Burkert offers monthly cancelable framework agreements and always thinks in terms of the customer.

These are the advantages of working with Justin and his team:

  • Flexible terms and no long contract commitments
  • Impressive track record with successful email and WhatsApp scaling of well-known brands in the DACH region
  • Holistic approach to retention marketing, with an understanding of WhatsApp as a channel thereof
  • Use of state-of-the-art tools, such as Miro, Asana, Slack
  • Quick understanding of WhatsApp and adaptation or coordination of the email strategy with a two-pronged retention marketing mix
  • Trusted overview of the WhatsApp tech stack landscape, finding the perfect solution for your business
  • Justin has a small team and is still very "hands-on" himself

These points of criticism should be borne in mind when working with deineshopmails:

  • No particularly impressive references have been added to deineshopmails' clientele in a year
  • Justin has an extremely fraternal and friendly manner, which is not "professional enough in his approach" for some customers

We can recommend Justin both philosophically and in terms of experience and the price/performance ratio. Justin and his team put the needs and wishes of their customers first. There are no hidden conflicts of interest or "hidden traps" when working with "".

We are therefore pleased to name Justin Burkert and his agency "" the number four WhatsApp marketing agency in the German-speaking world. Congratulations Justin and team!

Justin Burkert and his retention marketing agency Deineshopmails is the best WhatsApp marketing agency in the DACH region.

Source: Justin Burkert

Third place: Florian Kaiser,

Florian Kaiser is undisputedly one of the best in the field of email marketing. With his background as a programmer, he offers individual solutions for his customers that also stand out on a technical level. Even I - Johannes, the founder of - was impressed by the technical possibilities that inbox marketing offers in the first video call with his team. Saskia Dörr - Head of CRM at Oatsome - shared this impression after Florian and his team around Lassee and Joel gave her an introduction.

According to Florian's team, they support around ten brands in WhatsApp marketing, including bedrop and RIBEME, making them the leaders in Germany. Thanks to their experience with WhatsApp marketing tools such as hello-charles, zoko and, they have a deep insight into the relevant WhatsApp CRMs for the eCommerce sector and can therefore select the ideal tool for their customers.

Other renowned WhatsApp customers of Inbox Marketing include wowtamins and mellowNOIR.

Here are the reasons why companies should put their WhatsApp marketing in the hands of the WhatsApp marketing agency Inbox-Marketing:

  • Technological excellence: thanks to Inbox-Marketing's high level of technology, clients can benefit from advanced setups and automation in lead generation and flows.
  • Impressive track record: Inbox-Marketing has made a name for itself as a retention marketing agency with successful email and WhatsApp campaigns for renowned brands in the DACH region.
  • Deep technical integration: With their ability to hyper-personalize, AI segmentation and deep integration with platforms like Klaviyo, they open up whole new horizons in marketing.

These points of criticism must be taken into account when working with inbox marketing:

  • In terms of price-performance ratio, inbox marketing positions itself in the upper segment. Smaller brands in particular should therefore ensure that they are ready for such an investment. Smaller brands must therefore have already done their homework in order to be able to work with Florian, Lasse, Joel and Co.
  • The deep technical integrations require careful consideration when migrating and ending collaboration with current CRM tools.
  • There is a percentage share of the additional sales generated via email and WhatsApp.
  • There were some changes in the Inbox Marketing team at the end of 2023
  • Florian Kaiser himself is not active hands-on in the customer accounts

In summary, Florian is an outstanding expert who we can highly recommend to our customers when it comes to retention marketing, email marketing and/or WhatsApp marketing. Thanks to their technical excellence and innovative approaches, Inbox-Marketing ranks third in the ranking of the best WhatsApp marketing agencies in the DACH region.

Florian Kaiser and his inbox-marketing are one of the top WhatsApp marketing agencies in Germany

Source: Florian Kaiser

Second place: ondevi (Retention Marketing)

ondevi offers three different services: SEO, performance marketing and retention marketing. As Chatarmin's experience with ondevi focuses on Tobias Pawlik's area of retention marketing, this recommendation is based on Tobias Pawlik and his team. Over the past two years, ondevi (Retention) has developed into one of the leading retention marketing agencies in the DACH region, serves satisfied 8-figure D2C brands and Chatarmin customers such as Smilodox very successfully, and has an impeccable reputation and references. Congratulations on second place, Tobi!

Positive points that speak in favor of working with ondevi:

  • extremely good references from Smilodox, sirplus and co.
  • hands-on mentality of the founder and managing director, Tobi works in the accounts himself
  • fair, graduated pricing
  • Top results with email and WhatsApp
  • T-Mobile "unblocking" for Klaviyo customers

The following points of criticism speak against working with ondevi

  • No in-house development, i.e. no custom solutions for customers
  • Three-part agency without 100% focus on retention, email, WhatsApp and direct mailings

Tobias Pawlik is the leading WhatsApp marketeer in the DACH region


First place: Mailody, Thomas Grabner

Thomas Grabner is an absolute luminary in the field of email marketing and is even named by the Klaviyo partner team as one of the most important "product sparring partners" in the DACH region.

Within just a few years, Thomas has managed to be respected, respected and gladly commissioned by both competitors and D2C brands. Reviews include the German flagship eCommerce companies Paul Hewitt, Reishunger, Junglück, les lunes, BRUNA the label or Frank Juice and many many more.

We also share some customers with Mailody, such as "Miss Lashes", "Tales&Tails" and "healthroutine". Since Mailody started offering WhatsApp marketing in addition to email marketing in November 2023, its success with its customers has spread like wildfire.

We are delighted to be the preferred WhatsApp marketing tool for Mailody customers and look forward to a long and productive partnership.

These are the reasons for Mailody's first place in the ranking of WhatsApp agencies in the DACH region:

  • 100% trust in the founder and his team when it comes to retention marketing
  • "Proven Klaviyo Master Elite Partner" with excellent results for the "Who's Who" of the German ecommerce scene
  • Logical, holistic and rational approach to retention marketing
  • Integration and consideration of WhatsApp in the general holistic retention marketing mix
  • Extremely high level of professionalism in daily dealings with partners and customers
  • Quick understanding of WhatsApp and adaptation or coordination of the email strategy with a two-pronged retention marketing mix
  • Trustworthiness due to excellent track record in email marketing
  • T-Mobile "unblocking" for Klaviyo customers

Deductions could theoretically be made for

  • little "WhastApp experience" as Thomas Grabner and his team have a very clear focus on email as an important communication channel
  • Focus of the company on its core strength "email marketing"
  • Experience in WhatsApp marketing only since November 2023

Mailody resisted including WhatsApp in its service catalog for a long time, but then things happened quickly from November 2023. However, we can totally understand it from a business perspective. As a WhatsApp marketing agency, Mailody now also has major brands live, is scaling rapidly and is clearly the leading retention marketing agency in the DACH region for us.

The cooperation between Chatarmin and Mailody is characterized by a high degree of reliability and professionalism, meanwhile more than 10 D2C brands are in good hands with Mailody and Chatarmin, in the ideal combination of WhatsApp tool and WhatsApp agency.

Thomas Grabner and his Mailody are one of the leading retention marketing agencies in the DACH region

Source: Thomas Grabner

Summary: The best WhatsApp marketing agencies in the DACH region

It was a close race, but we decided in favor of Thomas Grabner and his "Mailody" in the updated 2024 ranking. Here you can find our score once again, based on the values "professionalism and trustworthiness", "track record" and "price/performance". Please be aware that the "Premium Options" are generally more expensive and make sense for brands with an annual turnover of at least €400-500,000. We are happy to award up to five points in each category, which corresponds to the maximum number of points:

AgencyProfessionalismReferencesPrice/PerformanceOverall Score
Ecom Retention3.5/53.5/53.5/53.5/5
More Conversions4.0/55/53.5/54/5

As you can see, it was a close race to be crowned the best WhatsApp marketing agency in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

All of the WhatsApp marketing agencies mentioned above can be recommended by us without reservation, send us a WhatsApp message or send us an email so that we can make you an intro.

We hope you enjoy scaling your WhatsApp marketing!

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