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Marketing with WhatsApp: 6 Hacks for your Black Friday Marketing via WhatsApp

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By Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder,

Last updated at: June 13, 2024

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☝️ The most important facts in brief

  • Boost Sales with WhatsApp: Utilize WhatsApp for marketing during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to enhance sales for D2C eCommerce businesses, especially those using Shopify and Klaviyo. Focus on lead generation and conversion to ensure success in Q4 and Q1.
  • Effective Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers to acquire affordable leads. Example: "Kloster Kitchen" generated 800 leads in 24 hours through an advent calendar giveaway, achieving a CPL of around €2.
  • WhatsApp Chatstart Ads: Use these ads to lower your CPLs, making them an effective tool for lead generation before Black Friday.
  • Mobile Popup Leadgen: Implement mobile popups for WhatsApp lead generation, which perform better than email forms by eliminating issues like form filling, double opt-in losses, and email delivery problems, resulting in a 50% improvement in lead generation performance.

We have written a lot about Marketing with WhatsApp within the last few months. In today’s blog post, we will explore six different leadgen strategies to scale your Marketing via WhatsApp. This is specifically useful for you if Q4 and Q1 are the most relevant quarters for your D2C eCommerce business, probably running on a Shopify & Klaviyo techstack. So, let’s dive into how to do marketing with WhatsApp, preparing your black friday & cyber monday campaigns, marketing via WhatsApp.

It all ends up with lead gen and lead conversion: more leads marketing via WhatsApp

The idea of Marketing with WhatsApp arises from a simple logic: CPOs and CPMs rise during black week, and so does your ads budget. Bidding strategies go crazy and you’re overspending for every dollar made, simply because with the spent-happiness of your end-users, your ads budgets go up. So, you don’t want to rely on finding the best angles and creating the most insane creatives during THE ONE WEEK where your revenue just spikes like it never else does during the year. Being dependent on random algorithms on META, Tiktok, Google and the likes is what you don’t want to end up being in Q4. That’s why you want to add a retention backbone to your black week marketing strategy - doing Black Friday Marketing via WhatsApp.

Marketing with WhatsApp: Black Friday and Cyber Monday account for up to 25% of annual D2C revenue.

revenue and ads pend spikes during black week, which makes marketing via WhatsApp even more important

So, we advocate: Controllable marketing instead of random marketing. CRM instead of wasting precious budget. All you need to have is warm leads, doing Marketing with WhatsApp_

Marketing with WhatsApp #1: Cheap leads through influencer marketing

Leoni Hutzler, CRM Lead of German FMCG Brand “Kloster Kitchen” just recently shared the results doing Influencer Marketing with WhatsApp: 800 leads within 24hrs through an advent calendar giveaway. This results not only in extreme CPO metrics of around €2,00, but also them being warm leads doing marketing with WhatsApp, acquiring a completely new audience through a partnership with an influencer. Imagine running ads doing acquisition marketing via WhatsApp, targeting specifically the influencers’ community doing new acquisition marketing with WhatsApp. This can even improve your already so impressive results, having cheap CPO’s pre-black-friday, running your influencer marketing via WhatsApp.

German Shopify & Klaviyo FMCG Brand Kloster Kitchen does Influencer Marketing with WhatsApp, resulting in extreme cheap CPL's.

Gain cheap CPO's by doing Influencer Marketing with WhatsApp, just like 7-figure-Shopify & Klaviyo-FMCG_Brand Kloster Kitchen

Marketing via WhatsApp #2: WhatsApp Chatstart Ads

Right now, pre-black-friday, you can still get to cheap CPL’s by running WhatsApp Chatstart Ads. Doing cheap leadgen Marketing via WhatsApp.

cheap leads doing acquisition marketing via WhatsApp click to chat ads.

German performance brand Jakob Strehlow shows how to achieve low CPLs doing acquisition marketing with WhatsApp

So, if you consider adding a low CPL strategy to your Q4 marketing mix, we suggest testing out click-to-WhatsApp-ads, achieving cheap leadgen doing Marketing via WhatsApp.

Marketing with WhatsApp #3: Mobile Popup Leadgen Marketing via WhatsApp

You may ask yourself: How do we get the users into the channel? Understand your WhatsApp leadgen machinery through this 8min WhatsApp-Marketing-deepdive:

Loom Video Thumbnail

Source: Chatarmin, Q2 2024

Our numbers show that mobile popup lead gen via WhatsApp outperforms email lead gen typeforms by about 50% performance improvements. Reasons are:

no typeform fill-in: simply click on the CTA of your mobile popup doing marketing with WhatsApp, and the lead automatically gets channeled into your WhatsApp welcome flow no double optin losses: Never again lose 20-25% of your leads due to spam, because your lead needs to confirm his optin no inbox problems: Non-delivery and bounce problems are a thing of the past doing marketing via WhatsApp, since those simply don’t exist in WhatsApp, leading to almost a 100% double opt-in rate as opposed to single-optin leads you might not be able to address for marketing purposes

Mobile Leadgen funktioniert per WhatsApp um 50% besser als via Email.

numbers show 50% leadgen improvement for mobile traffic doing leadgen marketing via WhatsApp with your delayed mobile popup

See how the German 7-figure weight-loss brand “Metaflow” simply inserts a mobile leadgen popup, which leads to a 50% lead conversion rate increase doing leadgen marketing with WhatsApp for your website and product page traffic.

Willkommen im Metaflow WhatsApp Newsletter presented by Chatarmin.

mobile delay popup leadgen doing acquisition marketing via WhatsApp

And the best of the story is: Due to our klaviyo integration you can automatically sync even cold leads at their first touchpoint, avoiding any silos or black-box marketing, syncing 100% of your retention marketing mix, pairing WhatsApp leads with your email CRM as your source of truth early on in your customers’ user journey.

Learn more about scaling your marketing with WhatsApp. Simply book your call with us:

Johannes Mansbart

Johannes Mansbart

CEO & Co-Founder

Just look at the unit economics doing popup leadgen marketing with WhatsApp, and the discussion already ends:

supplements brand welcome flow marketing with WhatsApp.

one of our Chatarmin clients achieves crazy welcome flow numbers running mobile traffic popup leadgen marketing with WhatsApp

If you want more case studies, simply contact us! We got loads of them to prove our point.

Marketing with WhatsApp #4: Abandoned Checkout Leadgen Marketing via WhatsApp

Running abandoned checkout automations through Chatarmin is the easiest ever for your Shopify D2C brand. The only decision for recovering your lost checkouts doing marketing with WhatsApp is, if you want to address all your abandoned clients, or just previously opted-in-ones. This way you’d avoid having a first cold touchpoint with your abandoned clients via WhatsApp, which still is a sensible space to land in as a company. However you decide, you will be treated with results just like these:

abandoned cart marketing via WhatsApp through Chatarmin.

Achieve results doing abandoned cart recovery marketing via WhatsApp through Chatarmin's Shopify & Klaviyo integrations

Contact us to get even more cases and learn how your online business can recover lost revenue doing marketing with WhatsApp. Here’s more to read about our Shopify & Klaviyo Integration which enables you to achieve the same results doing marketing with WhatsApp through Chatarmin!

Marketing with WhatsApp #5: Postpurchase Leadgen Marketing via WhatsApp

Checkout this simple post-purchase flow created and used by one of our clients:

Marketing with WhatsApp: Postpurchase flow with Chatarmin.

Setup postpurchase flows using Chatarmin's Shopify Integration to place retargeting offers via WhatsApp

This client has €30,00 basket value as his critical threshold, segmenting his postpurchase audience through that threshold, following up with specific discount codes to offer bundles that try to raise the customers’ AOV from one purchase to the next, using Chatarmin to leverage Marketing with WhatsApp, achieving significant CLTV uplifts.

Marketing with WhatsApp #6: Shipping Info Thank You Page Widget WhatsApp Leadgen

Last but not least we have a special one for you and your marketing via WhatsApp strategy for Q4: Thank You Page Widget leadgen. What does it mean? Your clients enter a thank you page upon having purchased your product. There, you can place a mobile- and desktop-optimized widget, which allows your client to get shipping updates via WhatsApp. Upon optin, you save and nurture your clients’ leads, offering a service use case, retargeting them by doing automated marketing via WhatsApp for personalized up- and cross-sales throughout the postpurchase journey.

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp Marketing Tool to offer a Shopware Thank You Page Widget

Achieve 30-40% leadgen on your thank you page doing leadgen marketing with Chatarmin for your fresh clients

Simply book your call with us and we will install your thank you page WhatsApp leadgen widget together with you, as a special “lightly managed” vertical SaaS service. Boost your leadgen doing marketing with WhatsApp through Chatarmin NOW!

6 hacks doing marketing via WhatsApp: Be ready for Q4!

We hope this extensive but sharp guide showed you ways to lower your CPO whilst increasing your leadgen numbers significantly, all just right before the most important eCommerce quarter starts. Leverage your leadgen doing marketing via WhatsApp, and your company’s success is right around the corner. Become a #teamarmin member now and benefit from everything we’ve just written for you, and more. Book your slot below or purchase your subscription so we can fully onboard you within the next hours already. Getting you kicked off like a rocket ship, start doing marketing with WhatsApp with us!

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