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JTL-WhatsApp-Integration for E-commerce businesses

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By Johannes Mansbart


Updated on April 01, 2024

WhatsApp Strategy

JTL-WhatsApp integration for ecommerce

Attention JTL store operators: Chatarmin is the world's only WhatsApp marketing tool with a JTL WhatsApp integration. Automated WhatsApp flows, WhatsApp campaigns with revenue tracking, and lead synchronization between your JTL store system and your WhatsApp tool Chatarmin. Our common goal of the JTL WhatsApp integration is a CLTV uplift ("increase in existing customer value") of customers of at least 25% up to an ambitious 75%. In this article, you can find out which use cases we use to achieve this and exactly what this means.

"We are very satisfied with the results of WhatsApp marketing and are grateful that Chatarmin is working on a customized JTL-WhatsApp integration especially for us. 🚀 - Andreas, founder of a JTL store with €5 million annual turnover

JTL WhatsApp marketing use cases

Most D2C brands with 7- to 8-digit annual sales have WhatsApp marketing on their roadmap for 2024 or 2025. WhatsApp sales and WhatsApp support are now also playing a key role in online retail.

As a D2C brand with JTL as your store system, you can use WhatsApp as a communication channel - Chatarmin's JTL-WhatsApp integration enables you to

  • Automated retargeting of abandoned shopping carts
  • send automated shipping updates to your customers
  • adapt segmented WhatsApp campaigns to the buying behavior of your users
  • perform JTL sales analyses and thereby create "proof of concept" for the
  • quantify the incrementality of WhatsApp as a marketing channel
  • and much more

Chatarmin is the first WhatsApp marketing tool with a fully functional JTL integration. It is installed via an individual app in the JTL store and can therefore be installed live within a few minutes during personal onboarding with our team. Sales through a new marketing channel, from minute zero: The dream of every JTL store owner.

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp tool in the world with a JTL WhatsApp integration. This already gives us a huge competitive advantage. And finally enables JTL to harness the power of WhatsApp marketing. 🤝"_ - Tizian Bauer, COO Mailody, retention marketing agency

JTL WhatsApp Marketing Tool with JTL-WhatsApp integration

JTL-WhatsApp integration from Chatarmin. Source: Chatarmin

Disclaimer: WhatsApp marketing usually only makes sense from 7 or 8-digit annual sales - mainly for capacity reasons. With WhatsApp support, this can be the case much earlier. Feel free to discuss your WhatsApp financial plan with our trained team of WhatsApp consultants, who will advise you honestly and in your best interests:

Video tip: Learn more about the basics of WhatsApp marketing here:

"On the one hand, we regret being the only WhatsApp integration for JTL stores. This means there is no competition to accelerate innovation and market solutions. On the other hand, JTL brands have no choice but to work with us if they want to leverage WhatsApp marketing. So we see the market development with one laughing and one crying eye. We would like to see a stronger JTL-WhatsApp ecosystem and are doing difficult pioneering work here." - Johannes Mansbart, Chatarmin founder

Recovering abandoned shopping carts via JTL-WhatsApp integration

One of the most profitable email marketing automations is "Abandoned Checkout Retargeting". This is the "recovery of lost shopping baskets". Several euros can often be reactivated per automated email or WhatsApp message. These are the reasons why users cancel their purchase at the checkout:

  • The payment fails
  • The desired payment method cannot be used
  • Problems with the internet connection
  • Technical problems in the store
  • Purchase distraction by the TV, etc.
  • Curious customer who "just wants to look"
  • Many other reasons

So there are plenty of reasons why customers can be persuaded to buy after a re-activation message. These automations are often peppered with several messages over many hours - or even days.

Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery Metric for Email

Statistics of "Abandoned checkout email flows", source: Shopify, 2023

However, since abandoned checkout email automation often only has open rates of 50-90%, this is not the most efficient vehicle for customer recovery. Chatarmin recommends a WhatsApp campaign between the first and second retargeting email. This can look something like this:

WhatsApp Abandoned Checkout Automation.

Source: Chatarmin

And brings really profitable results of sometimes several euros recovered per message sent (RPR):

abandoned cart marketing via WhatsApp through Chatarmin.

Results Abandoned-Checkout-Automation via Chatarmin JTL-WhatsApp-Integration. Source: Chatarmin JTL customer

TIP: We continue to recommend email as the "#1 retention channel" because:

  • Email marketing still works great
  • Email is free (except for tool costs)
  • The use of scalable and GDPR-compliant WhatsApp high costs of the - WhatsApp Business Platform brings with it
  • End customers are simply "used to" email as a marketing channel

With almost 100% open rates and 20-40% click rates through WhatsApp marketing, it is advisable to use WhatsApp as a retention marketing channel in addition to email. The average "CLTV uplift" of Chatarmin customers is between 25% and 75%.

Fact check: Many stores still do not ask for phone numbers at checkout. This is a major omission. Online shoppers (approx. 20-50%) like to enter their telephone number when making a purchase. This should be seen as an invitation to D2C brands to also reach their end customers via WhatsApp.

If your abandoned checkout automation via email or WhatsApp does not always bring the desired success: So you've collected cheap marketing leads that you can later persuade to buy via WhatsApp newsletter. These contacts are then already used to chatting with your company via WhatsApp, which minimizes the "entry barrier" to getting in touch with your customers via WhatsApp to virtually zero.

BONUS: Find here a video on how to win back abandoned carts via JTL WhatsApp integration:

Source: Chatarmin Youtube/Loom

Shipping updates via JTL-WhatsApp for online stores

This is what Chatarmin's "widget" looks like on your "thank you page" after a successful purchase of your customer in your JTL online store:

Chatarmin is the only WhatsApp Marketing Tool to offer a Shopware Thank You Page Widget

Source: Chatarmin

Use this solution to offer your customers the opportunity to request shipping updates via WhatsApp after their purchase. This "widget" on your "thank you page" is UI/UX-optimized for all mobile devices with Chatarmin - the only WhatsApp marketing tool. This means that mobile end users do not have to laboriously type in a telephone number, but receive their goods dispatch confirmation with a "one-click". Chatarmin's JTL widget has the following advantages for your "Thank You Page":

  • WA legend generation after a successful purchase by your customer
  • Added support value for your customer
  • A better buying experience
  • Conversion from transactional optin to double optin
  • No package support requests from customers ("I don't know when my order will arrive")
  • Post-purchase survey and automation via WhatsApp
  • much more

The customer simply requests to be automatically notified via WhatsApp after their purchase as soon as their package has been shipped:

JTL WhatsApp Marketing Tool with JTL WhatsApp integration.

Source: Chatarmin

If this is the case, an automated WhatsApp message is sent via JTL API webhook, which contains a live link to the package tracking:

JTL WhatsApp Integration: Order Shipped Flow

Source: Chatarmin

Here you can find a video for your JTL Thank You Page widget:

Source: Chatarmin Youtube

BONUS 1: JTL WhatsApp Newsletter

Apart from automations for

  • lead generation and
  • automated additional sales

you naturally also want to encourage your fresh WhatsApp leads to make repeat purchases in your JTL store via WhatsApp newsletter. You can see how such a WhatsApp campaign works here:

Source: Chatarmin Youtube/Loom

**Link tip: These WhatsApp marketing KPIs can be achieved by JTL brands via WhatsApp.

2-4 WhatsApp campaigns per quarter are common. If your online store is currently in a hot phase, for example when launching a new product collection or in Q4, a few more WhatsApp newsletters can also achieve significantly better results and sales increases.

With Chatarmin's unique WhatsApp-JTL integration, we offer you the following segmentation options, all of which we make possible via data synchronization with your JTL online store:

  • Purchase frequency
  • CLTV ("Customer Lifetime Value")
  • Purchase recency
  • Product category preferences
  • Specific products in purchasing behavior
  • a few more

Take a look at our Chatarmin-JTL-WhatsApp integration:

Segmentation of your WhatsApp CRM into email & WhatsApp user cohorts

Source: Chatarmin

If this has made you curious - feel free to chat with our team about your options:

If not, we hope we have now given you a good overview of our globally unique JTL WhatsApp integration.

BONUS 2: WhatsApp support as JTL store, use Chatarmin's JTL-WhatsApp integration for better customer support via WhatsApp

But what about WhatsApp support? Because Chatarmin offers a chat function that allows you to view your customers' historical purchase information, you can also provide highly personalized customer support via JTL WhatsApp integration.

"Typically, over 90% of support tickets are triggered via WhatsApp as soon as this popular communication channel is offered for customer communication."_ - Johannes Mansbart, Chatarmin founder

With Chatarmin's zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk integrations, you can now include the same WhatsApp business account in your customer support tool. This way, you have one phone number and one WhatsApp Business account, while support and marketing can work in the ideal operational environment.

Thanks to Chatarmin's "agent system", you can also automate ticketing and routing via Chatarmin. Chatarmin offers these functions:

So whether you are in a multi-channel customer support tool or not. Chatarmin gives you operational scalability in WhatsApp marketing and WhatsApp support.

If you are interested in our JTL-WhatsApp integration or would like to try out WhatsApp marketing in general: Talk to us and book your personal appointment!

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